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White Washed Or Limed Effect Floors

Everything that is white or lighter in colour is believed to add visual space to otherwise small rooms – that is what architects swear by. And in this the reason why those shades are on the rise of modern floor designs. Customers are looking to expand the restricted areas they live in and add a little bit more space everywhere they can. In the past years, the whitewashing of the floors was done for the sole purpose of protection. The layer was prepared with a mixture of chalk and calcium chloride. Recently, more modern and not so toxic methods are used – such as pigmented oil or paint. The white washing of the floor is commonly known as a Scandinavian look. The simple and sheer character defines the interior accenting on the furniture and overall design. There are a few options to consider when opting for such floors – pre-finished boards that are easily installed, or creating the effect on site after installation. Whatever the choice might be, The Flooring Group has the potential and only top manufacturers to carry out the job.