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Woodpecker Flooring by The Flooring Group

The Woodpecker company, the main brand of the flooring wholesaler and manufacturer Kenton Floors, knows wood. Their love for working with this material runs three generations back.
Woodpecker’s experts are involved in every stage of the process – from selecting through cutting, to finishing. Understanding of tree species and finishing techniques are what distinguish these professionals and their use of the latest technologies bringing virtual perfection.

Specialists at the company enjoy inspecting the grain patterns, colour variants and knots as they choose which wood best suits the distinct finishes of the different types of wood flooring. What makes the various types of wood flooring unique and interesting are the natural elements of timber, and experts in the company grade and machine each board to an exacting standard that makes the most of these characteristics.

The exceptional finish of Woodpecker seeks to increase the natural feeling. The company continues to use a variety of traditional methods of hand-finishing that have been perfected over several decades. The craftsmen offer it the attention it deserves to lacquer, oil and antiquate the wood, attaining that unique finish.
Their love of wood really shows through when you find they are environmentally conscious. They use only ethically sourced wood with FSC or PEFC certification. All of this is backed up with a 25-year warranty. Woodpecker company highly recommends that wood flooring be acclimatised within the room in which it is to be fitted for 5-7 days before installation, allowing the wood to find equilibrium with its surroundings.

Bring a warm atmosphere to your home for many years to come. Find Woodpecker’s vast variety of wood flooring in all Flooring group showrooms in London.