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Woodward Grosvenor


Woodward Grosvenor has been synonymous with quality flooring for over two centuries.

The combination of elegant design, timeless style and quality materials has meant that we have been able to create a high standard of floorcoverings that look and feel great for years.

We were founded in 1790 by Benjamin Grosvenor in Kidderminster, the home of carpet excellence. Since becoming part of the Brintons Group in 2003, Woodward Grosvenor has seen many developments and investment behind our established brand. Our commitment to producing quality flooring with premium service is as paramount as ever and we love to bring enduring comfort and style to your home.

Our current range consists of over 160 plain and natural carpets with a great choice of contemporary colours and sumptuous textures so we are confident that you will find something suitable.


It is helpful to have your room dimensions with you when looking for a new carpet so you can plan your budget and choose the best quality floorcovering you can afford.

Below is a quick guide to help with your initial estimation. We recommend that your local retailer or qualified carpet fitter provides the final measure before placing your order.

1. Draw out the shape of your room

2. Measure length (1) x width (2) Measure the maximum length and width at the rooms’ widest points. This is important so the correct number of repeats or length can be calculated. Multiply the width measurement by the length measurement to give you an idea of the total square metres required (carpet prices are per square metre), e.g. 2m x 4m = 8m². To work out an approximate price take the carpet square metre price e.g. £20.00 and multiply it by your total square metres:   £20.00 x 8m² = £160.00.

3. Measure any indentations (3 and 4) If the room is not a regular shape, make sure that you measure the size of any indentations, e.g. fireplace, bay window etc. This is important so that all of the carpet you buy can be utilised effectively, helping you to minimise cost and wastage.

4. Measure to the ‘back’ of the door frame (5) It is important to allow enough carpet to be fitted under the door threshold otherwise unsightly gaps would be created.


Don’t forget underlay and fitting costs!

Once you have this information your retailer will be able to look at guides to the overall cost including the recommended underlay and fitting estimations. Measuring the room in the way above will help when planning the most economical way to use the carpet.

Pattern Match
When estimating for patterned carpet you need to remember to order sufficient material to fulfil critical pattern match requirements.


Follow these guidelines to help prolong the life of your Woodward Grosvenor carpet:

Entrance Mats
Entrance mats can be used to help keep your carpet clean. Wool rich carpets, because of the nature of the wool fibre, will generally hide soiling better than synthetic products and will also be easier to clean. However, it is a good idea to use small mats or an offcut of your new carpet in entrances to prevent soil or greasy spots spreading to the carpet. Please remember to keep these mats clean so that soil does not spread onto the carpet.

Regular Cleaning
Thorough regular vacuuming is probably the most effective means by which carpet appearance can be maintained, as this not only removes soil and grit, but helps prevent premature matting. For loop pile carpets, a suction-only vacuum should be used. Make sure the vacuum is regularly checked to ensure it is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Spills and Stains
It is very important to clean up spillages as soon as they occur.

1. Never rub or over wet your carpet when trying to remove marks
2. Solid residues should be gently removed by scraping with a knife.
3. Greasy residues can be treated with an oil/grease remover sprayed onto an absorbent cloth. Blot frequently but do not rub.
4. Liquid spillages should be blotted up as far as possible with a clean, white cloth or absorbent tissue. Then use a WoolSafe-Approved shampoo solution or trouble shooter spray for upholstery and carpet. Moisten the area of the stain and blot thoroughly with clean tissue or cloths. Repeat as necessary and allow to dry thoroughly before walking on the area. A wet suction vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove spillages and the trouble shooter spray from the carpet. Do not use water in the machine however, as you do not want to over wet the carpet.

Go to for more information.

Useful items to keep in stock for emergency use are WoolSafe-Approved shampoo solution suitable for use on wool rich carpets, available from most supermarkets. Stain removing spray for grease or oil spots.

For persistent or very large stains, it is always advisable to consult a professional carpet cleaner. Woodward Grosvenor recommends the use of WoolSafe-Approved Operators and Chemicals for the professional removal of stains.

This advice is offered as a service to customers, and Woodward Grosvenor will not be liable for loss or damage or injury arising out of any action taken based on this advice.


Woodward Grosvenor Wear Warranty guarantees the surface pile of your carpet against normal domestic wear. In the first instance you should get in touch with the retailer from whom you purchased and they will be able to advise you accordingly.

The suitability and wear warranty for each range can be found below:

Pemberton Contemporary Heavy Domestic 10 years
Velvet Star Heavy Domestic 7 years
Montford Twist Heavy Domestic 10 years
Deluxe Twist Heavy Domestic 10 years
Brockton Twist Heavy Domestic 7 years
Woolheaven Heavy Domestic 7 years
Ceuta Heavy Domestic 10 years
Ridge Heavy Domestic 10 years
Bedrock Heavy Domestic 10 years
Cobble Heavy Domestic 10 years
Mirage Medium Domestic 10 years
Safi Heavy Domestic 7 years
Safi Stripes Heavy Domestic 7 years
Woolcroft Heavy Domestic 7 years
Kalahari Heavy Domestic 5 years
Atacama Heavy Domestic 5 years

Please note: Abrasive wear ( fibre-loss from the carpet through normal abrasion, not from crushing or flattening of the carpet pile in any area, or from staining, soiling, fading, or other changes in carpet appearance), matting (the loss of twist from the tips of pile and entanglement of fibre), crushing (being the non-restorable loss of pile thickness due to foot traffic, a castor wheel or pressure of furniture) or any other change in appearance retention do not constitute normal domestic wear and are excluded from this guarantee.

Also specifically excluded from this guarantee, in addition to exclusions set out in the General Guarantee Conditions is damage caused by tears, pulls, pilling, burns, furniture or wheels.


The tog rating allows you to assess if the carpet (or underlay) is suitable for underfloor heating or independent insulation. A low tog rating is better for underfloor heating (see additional information below) whilst a higher rating means that it has better insulation.

A tog rating includes thickness, density and composition in its calculations, showing the carpet’s thermal resistance, which can vary considerably. Each of our carpet ranges are listed below with the relevant tog value against it. These values are also displayed within the specification section on each of the carpet pages.

Pemberton Contemporary 1.01
Velvet Star 1.01
Montford Twist 1.11
Deluxe Twist 1.80
Brockton Twist 1.07
Woolheaven 0.93
Ceuta 1.05
Ridge 0.93
Bedrock 1.05
Cobble 1.05
Mirage 0.64
Safi 0.93
Safi Stripes 0.93
Woolcroft 0.93
Kalahari 1.08
Atacama 1.08

How does carpet perform with underfloor heating?

The Carpet Foundation carried out some research in conjunction with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA) and this proved conclusively that most carpet can be used over underfloor heating systems without impairing the performance of the system. The research showed that a carpet/underlay with a combined thermal resistance of less than 2.5 togs allows underfloor systems to operate efficiently. However we always recommend the information on the tog values for your choice of underlay and carpet is given to the heating manufacturer so they can ensure that the heating system can perform correctly.