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Custom Design Ideas For Your Floor

Wood is a naturally beautiful material, and even a simple hardwood floor will look marvellous. However, by mixing species, by introducing borders, medallions or centrepieces, by opting for a weathered or distressed look, or by using a stain or colour finish, it is possible to take it a step further and create something that no other property in the world will be able to boast.

A border can be put to many uses including creating extra interest or drama in your floor, or framing it and completing the design effect – especially if the border creates a contrasting effect. Shown below, from top to bottom, are:
Maple wooden floor with Wenge inserts, used in residential hallwayA prime grade Maple floor with Wenge inserts

The striking dark Wenge inserts used here stand out in stark contrast to the rich honey colour of the Maple. As they follow the contours of the hallway, your eye is naturally drawn down the hall, through the arch, then to the window and the garden beyond. A simple design has created a real impact on any visitor to the house.
Quarter-sawn oak floor with Sapele border, used in hotel bedroomA ‘quarter-sawn’ oak floor with a custom patterned border in Sapele

Here the red/brown border, with its squared geometric repeating pattern, complements the border on the carpet. This helps the eye make the transition from one area of the room to the other.
Intricate custom ballroom floor using Wenge, Maple and OakIntricate design using Wenge, Oak and Maple

This amazing floor was laid in a ballroom in Hampstead, London. Here, the interwoven straight lines of dark brown and eggshell white that have been used in the border serve to delineate the edge of the dance floor, where the far more complex and colourful pattern of triangles and squares in a palette of earthy and sandy browns has been used.
French Oak in ‘herringbone’ style with Wenge borderFrench Oak with a simple Wenge Border

In complete contrast to the previous example, here striking simplicity is the order of the day. The straw coloured Oak floor (which uses ‘herringbone’ style planks) is complemented by a dark Wenge double border. This hugs the edges of the wall and creates some darker tones on the floor to match the iron balusters used in the stairway.

You can see further examples of the wonderful borders that we can create for you on our decorative panels page.
Medallions & Custom Panels

The advent of new technology such as desktop publishing software and laser cutting has meant that medallions are a little easier to produce than they were. However, Turgon’s skilled craftsmen are able to produce completely hand made decorative motifs for your floor. Note how the wonderful natural variation in the grain of different wood species (and different cuts of wood) can create three dimensional effects; these are focal points that will doubtless become talking points for your guests.

Shown below, from left to right, are:

Laser cut ‘compass’ styled design
Laser cut medallion centrepiece, gently handscraped
Hand made custom panel
Hand made Maple & Cherry panel

Custom laser-cut wood floor centrepiece (compass design)Laser-cut ‘medallion’ – wood floor centrepieceCustom wood panel in three coloursMaple and Cherry floor panel
Hand distressing or aging

This is both labour intensive and time consuming but, if done by an experienced professional, can create a huge variety of different looks, especially when combined with different finishes. Shown below, from left to right, are:

A custom ‘timeworn’ look
Reproduction antique french polished floor
Heavily handscraped board
Another ‘antique’ plank where the wood has been distressed and split deliberately.

Custom laser-cut wood floor centrepiece (compass design)Laser-cut ‘medallion’ – wood floor centrepieceCustom wood panel in three coloursMaple and Cherry floor panel

At Türgon our philosophy is this: any species of wood, any custom or special finish, any colour, any size planks, and any design you want. So go ahead and bring your dreams to life!