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Customise Your Bathroom with Amtico Flooring

Why does white tend to be the standard colour for bathroom suites? It’s hard to deny that, in this context, white has many merits. For a start, its neutral appearance can help to ensure that the bathroom is not at risk of coming across as aesthetically outdated only a few years down the line. 

White can also go well with bathroom décor of modern, traditional or transitional styles. If you are fitting out a bathroom in a home you intend to sell or rent out, you could select white for the bathroom fixtures so that buyers or tenants would be able to style up the space just by adding a few touches of their own. 

However, though white can work well for the bathroom’s bathtub, sink, toilet, tiles and cabinets, you might be wary of making everything look a little too, well, clinical. With this in mind, you might be pleasantly surprised to see examples of powerful visual results that can be gained from investing in Amtico flooring for bathrooms.


What is Amtico Flooring?

Amtico is a brand name for a type of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. The Flooring Group has expertise in installing Amtico flooring for bathrooms — a service we can provide to a high standard in Greater London properties. In fitting this flooring, we assemble it from a number of separate tiles. 

This modular approach enables us to install Amtico flooring in a custom pattern to the customer’s liking. Before the installation work itself gets underway, we can talk you through the various designs you are able to choose from for Amtico tiles.

Key to the appeal of Amtico tiles is how they combine an attractive appearance with impressive durability. Each Amtico tile comprises multiple compressed materials, with the design printed on a film subsequently covered with a layer that is hardwearing and non-porous but also clear — leaving the design visible.


Amtico Flooring Allows for Impressive Customisation  

When you opt for Amtico flooring, you can select various tile designs as well as decide how they will be arranged into a cohesive pattern in your bathroom.

Some Amtico files effectively emulate the look of a natural material like wood or stone, while metallic shades are also available. For your consideration, Amtico has prepared a broad selection of vinyl luxury flooring patterns — including: 

  • Herringbone 
  • Parquet 
  • Arc
  • Castel Weave 

If you are keen on arranging for Amtico flooring to be installed in the bathroom of a home you own in Greater London, rest assured that, in consultation with you, we can assist you in settling on a pattern that would suit — such as through matching or complementing — the bathroom’s overall style.


Practical Benefits of Amtico Flooring for Bathrooms

Amtico flooring provides both water resistance and slip resistance — qualities you would be especially likely to appreciate in the bathroom. 

It’s easy for homeowners to get in touch with The Flooring Group about ordering high-quality Amtico flooring for bathrooms. You can call us on 0207 609 1234 or visit us in person at one of our five London showrooms.