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Dalsouple Rubber Flooring

Introducing DRF (France) Ltd

DRF are a fresh combination of knowledgeable professionals. DRF were approached by Dalsouple, a trusted, worldwide manufacturer of Exceptional Rubber Flooring to become their Exclusive UK Distributors due to their wealth of experience within the flooring industry.
This is possibly the most exciting time within the building industry in that we have as a Country stepped out of our comfort zone not only in designing exceptional architecture throughout our history but now we are faced with the immense responsibility of making sure we look after our environment for the future of our country and the rest of the world. Design, manufacturing, building practises and much more have been and will continue to be scrutinised for meeting high environmental and social standards. This ultimately means everyone involved in any aspect of the built environment needs to work together to make sure they are equally committed to this as the next person/business.

At DRF (France) Ltd we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and this is why we have agreed to work with Dalsouple and sell their products here in the UK. Not only do Dalsouple manufacture every product in Natural Rubber, (one of the world’s most sustainable resources) they also supply a vast selection of 80 standard and unlimited bespoke colours and textures. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to answer any enquiries and will be able to advise accordingly. We hope our website will be inspire you to choose Dalsouple in all of your projects.

Rubber flooring is becoming more and more popular, both in homes and in commercial settings, and there is a good reason for it. More people are discovering the unique benefits that rubber flooring offers, and how they are especially valuable in a setting that is prone to heavy foot traffic. Rubber flooring is a very versatile floor covering option however; it is often over looked by floor covering professionals. There is a misconception surrounding rubber flooring that it is very expensive and hard to maintain. Although it is not the cheapest option, rubber flooring does provide very good long-term value.

Sustainability of Rubber

Lady tapping rubber treeIt is DRF Ltd’s aim to help create a harmonious relationship between a building and the immediate environment. We strive to be eco-conscious in everything we do.We are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We operate a completely paper free business, negating paper waste, and the carbon footprint of postage. We recycle bottles, office equipment, printing and packaging. Use of superior quality products that are also environmentally resourced i.e. FSC plywood and wooden equipment.

Orders are despatched from the Manufacturer, Dalsouple and delivered to our clients/site. This will dramatically reduce transportation costs both economically and environmentally, i.e. vehicle emissions, re-packaging and time. Spot checks will be carried out at random to ensure the highest quality is being reached. Please refer to the 10 year guarantee which reflects our assurance of quality

95% of the Dalsouple range is available in Natural Rubber. Not only is this a much better option for the environment and your project’s BREAM rating it is also a far superior product in terms of strength, elasticity and stability.

Why choose Natural Rubber flooring?

Natural rubber is a rapidly renewable raw material. The Hevea Brasiliensis rubber Trees live for around 30 years, during which time they continuously produce latex. Tree utilised by Dalsouple are ethically sourced from well managed Rubber Plantations, adding to the countries economy and benefiting the wellbeing and lifestyles of the local communities.

As well as excellent properties including strength, elasticity, resistance to change in temperature, impermeable to gases, resistant to heat, electricity, chemical action and abrasion, it also inhibits the build up of friction from heavy traffic and is Stain and damage resistant.

It has a long life expectancy (hence 10 year guarantee).

Easy to clean and maintain: Rubber creates a hygienic surface with prolonged life which in turn reduces the cost of replacement and subsequent waste. Something to consider – Of a Buildings life cycle typically only 20% is made up of the construction and a massive 80% is maintenance! By choosing a better product in the first instance will therefore reduce costs and occurrences of refurbishments due to wear and poor quality materials. Planning for the future is detrimental in creating the most sustainable, eco-conscious building that will last and look great for many years. Renewal of flooring is not only expensive but is also disruptive for business and the people who use the building.

Due to the naturally dense surface No PVC coatings are required – creating a much healthier internal environment which is easier to clean and less susceptible to dirt. Additional properties include the prevention of unsightly tracks and pathways from regular traffic and helping to create and maintain the building envelope.

No joint sealing is required as the product will not shrink like PVC alternatives. Creating a more uniform look throughout.

100% Recyclable.

The Benefits of Recycling after use are not only environmental but also economic and social:

Cheaper to produce than any other type of rubber, including synthetic
Some of the existing properties are improved further
Requires less energy to produce
Excellent way to dispose of unwanted product
Conserves non-renewable petroleum used in production of synthetic rubbers
Generates work for people in developing countries
We also use the waste rubber from samples in our Equestrian Surfacing.

All Dalsouple products:

Available in tile format rather than rolls to minimise waste and unnecessary production. An added bonus of using tiles is that these have increased stability and prolong the life of the product further.
Bespoke Production Plants that only manufacture flooring, making sure the best possible procedures are being used for the production of their products.
Dalsouple buy in SBR from sources that comply to highest safety and environmental standard.
Environmentally friendly packaging which includes recycling and using recycled wooden pallets.
Metallic waste is recycle.
Water is pumped from the ground to cool our machines then returned to the groundwater without any pollution.
Dalsouple work to the highest health & safety standards as well as Strict Environmental standards.

Dalsouple products are tested and regulated to the following standards

COV (CDPH IAQ) and COV (ISO 16000
COV G13931C (CDPH IAQ) and COV G13931A (ISO 16000
These reports can be used for Floor score, Gleenguard and LEED project
More testing has been carried out according to European Standard EN ISO 1600
Comparable to AgBB, GUT, BLUE ANGEL and CDPH section 01350 but with higher standard requirement
BREAM in Norway

Dalsouple Rubber Flooring – Technical Information

Cleaning & Maintenance of Rubber Flooring:

Download our Dalsouple Rubber flooring aftercare service guide including Preparation & Sealing, Daily Cleaning and Periodic Maintenance of Dalsouple rubber flooring.

Properties of all Dalsouple products:

• Excellent ageing resistance
• Absolute dimensional stability (when installed with approved adhesive)
• Will not shrink or expand (seam welding not required)
• Colourfast, ultra violet and ozone resistant – blue scale >6
• Resistant to dilute acid and most chemical products
• Rot-proof (can be installed in saline conditions)
• Suitable for use on sub-floors with under-floor heating (<27 degrees C) • Anti-static (recommended for computer use) • Anti-bacterial formulation (recommended for hospital use) • Noise reducing (absorbs impact noise) • Anti-slip • Water absorption <0.2% • cigarette burn resistant specialised environments: mfr (marine fire resistant) – meets current legislation requirements for use to imo res msc 61(67) on all registered shipping wfr (wall s5476 class internal walls and ceilings efr extra flame developed hovercraft/aviation low smoke particularly high risk areas eg. escape routes tunnels euvs uv stabilised installations exposed levels of sunlight heavily glazed outdoor quality formulated resistance changes in temperature with colour pigments dissipative electrically conductive sensitive operating theatres oil at spillage drilling platforms, petrol stations engine rooms. bespoke colours: dalsouple have an extensive range over 80 standard colours however if you cannot find exact match your corporate or a specific shade mind it is possible manufacture this additional cost. please contact us more information. bear the dallastic ranges be manufactured customised colours.