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Dalterrazzo – Rubber Flooring


8 standard Dalterrazzo patterns are available.

DalTerrazzo comes in any combination of our 80 gorgeous DalColours.












Dalterrazzo Domestic Specifications

Natural or synthetic
You can now choose to have your Dalsouple floor made in either standard synthetic SBR rubber, or DalNaturel natural rubber, the eco-friendly alternative. DalNaturel is available in all but the very palest colours in the range. To find out if your choice is available in DalNaturel, just contact us.

Colour availability
We have 80 standard colours for you to arrange in 8 different terrazzo patterns. Use our online Design Workshop. You select the terrazzo chip shapes, sizes and densities in any combination of colours you like to create your own floor on screen in seconds. It’s quick and easy to adjust the pattern, and when you are happy with your design, just click to order a sample for approval. There is no extra cost or minimum quantity for this custom design service.

Colour reproduction
The colours shown on this site are as accurate as possible. However, for an exact colour match we recommend you ask us for a real colour sample before ordering.

Colour variation
Because we make all our products to order, it is essential that all the material required for each installation is ordered in one batch to avoid variation in colour. If you order more than one Dalsouple product in the same colour, for example DalTex and DalUni, due to batch manufacturing it is not possible ot obtain an exact colour match between the two products.

DalTerrazzo is available in DalUni smooth finish and 7 DalMicro finishes.

Tile Size
DalTerrazzo tiles with DalUni smooth finish:
340mm x 340mm
1760mm x 680mm
or 610mm x 610mm for access panels.

DalTerrazzo with DalMicro:
1760mm x 680mm.

DalTerrazzo tiles:
1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm or
4mm with eco backing.

DalTerrazzo with DalMicro:
2.5mm or 4mm (with eco backing) depending on finish.
Special thicknesses are available to order.

Dalsouple recommends a minimum thickness of 2.5mm for flooring use. The thinner the floorcovering the more visible the subfloor imperfections will be.

Noise absorbent
Cigarette burn resistant
Easy to maintain

Indoor surfaces and floors, walls, columns and furniture

Slip resistance
Dalsouple rubber is designed to offer a good degree of slip resistance underfoot in dry conditions. However, it can still be slippy when wet. To minimise the risk of slippage, it is important to use effective entrance matting around all external entrances, and to use signs when cleaning takes place

Special qualities
Available on request: oil and grease resistant, dissipative, electrically conductive, EFT extra flame resistant, low smoke and EFR, outdoor quality, WFR Class ‘O’ for use on walls on ceilings, MFR marine fire resistant, EUVS (extra UV stabilised). Due to technical limitations, not all colours are available in these qualities.

Standards and certification
Dalsouple tiles meet European standards in all key performance areas.