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Deal With The High Risk Areas And Provide Safety For Your School Flooring!

London flooring experts reveal that 55% of school accidents are provoked by fall, trip or slip. What’s the conclusion? If we choose the most appropriate flooring, then schools will become safer for everybody, including London flooring contractors. It’s not a secret, that organisations and employers must take care for all visitors, employees and students in their buildings. Actually the responsibility for safety is separated between the London flooring supplier, the clients and the specifier. Learn more on this topic:

  • London flooring specialist point us the high-risk areas. Usually these are steps, slopes, launderettes, play and activity zones, laboratories, computer, art, technology and suites. London flooring contractors claim that these high traffic spaces represent a huge risk. Young students are not very careful too.
  • London flooring companies also point that appropriate maintenance of the selected flooring is essential. There is hazard of contamination by chemicals, litter, food, water.
  • There are numerous education spaces where high-quality flooring, possessing the necessary slip resistance for the lifetime of the selected product is enough. However London flooring contractors say that there are zones which require more specialised London flooring solutions (for instance canteens, kitchens). These areas are influenced by factors such as grease, fats, oils, so a flooring with great slips resistance must be applied. London flooring contractors offer a PTV of 55 or above, or R12 rating. Other high-risk premises requiring high-standard flooring with lifetime sustained slip-resistance are toilets, bathrooms, wetrooms.
  • What about storerooms for sanitising supplies and chairs; science laboratories and chemical storages? These places require durable and robust floorings. It’s obvious that these zones are prone to spills, so you need staining chemical and slip resistance.
  • According to London flooring experts technology, art and craft areas have to be treated with special attention. These places comprise contaminants such as chalk, dirtiness, clay, so increased slip resistance is quite necessary. Look for PTV of 45 or bigger, and an R11 slip rating, as well as 2.5mm width.
  • According to London flooring specialists, high traffic areas need very durable and safe floorings.

It’s great that London flooring contractors offer contemporary 2.5mm safety flooring in a great range of colours and finishes. PUR technology makes the sanitising and maintenance much easier.

To conclude, we may say that high-quality and durable flooring is also a great long-term investment. Have you noticed that we have prolonged warranties on all our 2.5mm ranges to 20 years? When it comes to the sustained slip resistance and life expectancy – the guarantee is 25 years.
David Cockhead is Altro’s quality and compliance advisor

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