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Dealing with Carpet Moths & Pests

Hello there from everyone at The Flooring Group. In this article we will explore how to deal with a common problem.

Textile moths tend to be found in natural products of animal origin, such as wool products, woven fibres, woven fabrics etc. Though not a threat to humans, textile moths are certainly a threat to your flooring’s longevity.

The best way to avoid any problems with textile moths is to prevent the conditions that make it easiest for them to exist;

1) Keeping your flooring well aired as often as possible.

2) Regular cleaning of your floor.

3) Vacuum cleaners are particularly useful, when used frequently, at reducing the moth population on your floor.

4) There are many moth-deterrent products on the market. For example, flying insect sprays or plug-in mosquito killers can also work.

5) Purchasing a particular floorcovering that is moth-resistant. For example, Westex Carpets offer a guarantee on their moth-proofing capabilities, making it suitable for significant moth populations in your home.

6) As a last resort you could use a professional pest control company if the problem is severe. However, this can be very expensive and does not guarantee success.

Should you require any further assistance, you are most welcome to contact us at The Flooring Group on 020 7609 1234.