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Debut For Pergo

THE ACADEMY FOR EXCELLENCE IN FLOORING was at the Flooring Show presenting its new identity and courses for commercial and residential installers, leading to Quick-Step Master Installer and Pergo Master Pro Installer badges.
Pergo Master Pro Installer course is for installers in the commercial sector with Quick-Step Master Installer for those installing wood, laminate and LVT floors in residential locations. Both courses include fully supported workmanship warranties and access to technical advice.
The Pergo Master Pro Installer course is for experienced installers with at least two-years’ experience and good technical knowledge.
Topics include product knowledge and site conditions, as well as interpretation of plans, evaluation of environmental restrictions, standards and legislations, custom installations and replacement of damaged panels.
In short, it is designed to offer everything an experienced flooring installer may encounter in a contract environment.
Having successfully completed the three-day course, candidates are supported by Pergo for three years, with recommendations and a warranty on work.

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