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The Flooring Group and Desso have had a flooring partnership for many years now.

Please see below Desso explaining their benefits to customers;

Desso Group
Desso focuses primarily on superior floor design and Cradle to Cradle® in providing high quality carpet tiles and broadloom.

Desso Group

Its commercial product offering, business carpets, represents more than half of total sales and can be found in offices, banks, retail units, public buildings, schools, universities and care centres. Customers include ABN AMRO, Rabobank, AkzoNobel, Dutch Ministry of Safety & Justice, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, Allianz, Canon, EDF, HSBC, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, SNCF, Nestlé and many more.

Desso’s innovation strategy is concentrated in 3 key areas: Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®. For Desso, creativity is synonymous with CARPETECTURE®, which is a powerful example of Desso’s commitment to creative carpet design and its dedication to meet the needs of architects, interior designers, building owners and end users. In the field of functionality, Desso develops pioneering solutions that make a difference for health and wellbeing. As a result of this innovation and creativity strategy, Desso has launched a number of patented products like DESSO AirMaster®, for 8 times lower fine-dust concentration in the air (versus hard floors), and DESSO EcoBase®, which enabled Desso to achieve a Cradle to Cradle® silver certificate for an entire carpet tile product.

Desso Consumer Carpets is represented by three strong brands: Parade, Bonaparte and Desso. All with a rich history in manufacturing high-end consumer carpets where products are available through specialist retail traders, plus selected carpet stores and home furnishing shops. Desso Consumer Carpets is the only European high end consumer carpet company with sales in Benelux, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Desso’s creative carpet design and service oriented approach has enabled Desso to become a leader in developing solutions for the Hospitality, Marine and Aviation (HMA) markets. Desso’s HMA division works with companies such as Hilton, Intercontinental, Maritime, KLM, China Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Holland America Line.

Desso Sports is a leading player in the provision of artificial turf for sports fields and hybrid natural grass systems that provide the perfect playing surface at every level of sport. DESSO GrassMaster® is a high-tech hybrid sports field of 100% natural grass reinforced with Desso synthetic grass fibres, which has been installed in two Euro 2012 stadiums and at the ‘football temple’ Wembley.

Cradle to Cradle®

In signing a partnership agreement with the Hamburg-based Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA), Desso has become the first carpet manufacturer in EMEA to adopt the Cradle to Cradle® design. It marks Desso’s radical decision to move beyond ‘mere’ sustainability in producing its carpets and artificial grass. In the Cradle to Cradle® principles, products are made from positively defined1) components that are easy to disassemble, in order to create new products in both the biological and technical cycles.

Desso is active in more than 100 countries and can look back on almost 80 years of proven performance, having built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality carpet tiles, broadloom and artificial grass pitches.

Desso has two factories and a major distribution centre in Europe, as well as specialist customer service centres throughout Europe, in North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

1) Positively defined = all ingredients have been assessed as either Green (optimal) or Yellow (tolerable) according to the Cradle to Cradle® assessment criteria. As described in the Cradle to Cradle® Certification Program Version 2.1.1, prepared by MBDC September 2008, updated January 2010

We want to be the world leader in making environmentally responsible flooring products that deliver outstanding value in design and functionality and thus contribute to people’s health and wellbeing.


Today, most people spend 90% of their time indoors. This makes it imperative that we create healthy interiors. As a supplier of carpets to the commercial and consumer sectors, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products that contribute to a healthier living and working space.

At Desso, we say ‘The Floor is Yours’ to underline the fact that we maintain a relentless focus on our customers at all times. It underpins everything we do. We know that our success depends on it.

Business Concept
Our mission is to ensure that we develop unique products that deliver a much improved indoor environment that maximises people’s health and wellbeing and ultimately their performance.

This is driven by our innovation programme based on the three pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design. We want to have all our products designed according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles by 2020, which will enable us to make the shift from the linear ‘take, make and dispose’ economy to the circular economy. Here products are designed to be disassembled after the end of their life and the materials reused or recycled. This will make us more profitable and resilient to resource scarcity in the long-term. It will also enable us to live up to our high standards of environmental responsibility.

Our values, code of conduct and rules for corporate governance set the principles by which we conduct business and, in doing so, create the framework for our operations. Through our business strategy we aim to be the leading carpet provider across all our markets and different customer segments. Our focus on operational excellence, innovation, geographic and channel expansion and communications enables us to achieve our goals.

Our leadership team sets inspirational goals, motivating our employees to stretch themselves and reach ambitious new targets. Our leaders are the link between the articulation of our strategic objectives and the action needed to get there. Our people, our most important asset, are the driving force behind our succes.

Core Values
We take pride in our diverse workforce. Diversity enriches the business in so many ways.

But, as with all international companies, something must hold it all together. In our case, it is our six core values that act as the corporate glue connecting the whole.

Desso’s core values
They are our guiding stars, which set our course for our long-term strategies and goals. They are a permanent part of our day-to-day conduct and decision-making. We believe these values define our uniqueness compared to our competitors. We are proud of our core values!

1. Customer Focus

We are 100% committed to doing what is right for our customers. We want them to keep coming back and to recommend us to others. To make the point as upfront as possible,we made our brand tagline, ‘The Floor is Yours’, emphasising the fact that we put our customer’s wishes at the centre of our operations and thinking- every second of the day.

On a daily basis, we maintain our customer focus by:

Having a ‘Best in Class’ supply chain.
No compromise on the quality of our products, solutions and service.
Researching and fully understanding our selected markets.
Sparking off new ideas through co-creation with top architects and designers via our unique Circles of Architects® platform.
Working with customers to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefit.
Understanding how our business decisions will affect our customers.
Delivering on our promises and commitments.
2. Common Sense

We prefer to take the simplest and fastest route to achieve our objectives and encourage all our employees to use their common sense drawn from their own opinions to deliver successful results. It is about finding the best solutions and ideas that will take us forward in the quickest possible time. We rely on the wealth of experience and knowledge of our employees. Imagine: ‘If only Desso knows what Desso knows’

3. Integrity

We believe that trust is a fundamental requisite of good business. That is why we regard integrity as a critical core value. It’s about being open, honest and respectful at all times with our colleagues, with our customers and with all our stakeholders.

4. Entrepreneurial spirit & ambition

We never rest on our laurels. Business can be tough and you must adapt constantly in a fast changing world, always meeting your customer’s needs and spotting opportunities for new markets. Entrepreneurs are adaptive, risk-taking and hungry for success. They are brilliant at spotting new opportunities and developing talent. At Desso, we believe everyone can develop their own entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we have made it a core value. We combine this with the value of ambition because we expect our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.

5. Ownership & Empowerment

The best way to engage our employees is to trust them to make the right decisions. We call this Ownership & Empowerment and it means that every single employee at Desso is responsible for achieving the best results, for drawing on and strengthening their skills, for collaborating successfully with their colleagues, for developing new ideas and solutions and for contributing to the drive, energy and creativity of the overall organisation.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility & Cradle to Cradle®

Corporate Social Responsibility means many things to us. It embraces our responsibility to people, profits and the planet. Through our commitment to Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design, we are inventing a new business model that we believe will deliver value to customers, shareholders, society and the future generations who will rely on this planet to sustain their health, wealth and happiness.
On a daily basis, we demonstrate our Corporate Social Responsibility by:

Respecting the culture, customs and rules of the countries in which we operate
Communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders
Having the courage to express our opinions
Taking personal responsibility for our actions
Performing our duties to the best of our ability and with integrity
Communicating on our progress in reaching our Cradle to Cradle® targets.
Cradle to Cradle® Vision: Since 2008, we have maintained our focus on having all our products designed according to the Cradle to Cradle design principles by 2020. Inspired by nature’s continuous cycle, this concept requires companies to use materials and design products in such a way that they will be positive to the environment and human health.

Corporate Strategy
Our strategic objective is to be the world’s best provider of healthy and inspiring working and living spaces in the world through innovative flooring solutions.

Desso plant Dendermonde Belgium

We will achieve this by producing stunningly designed carpets that have smart functionality built in. While we don’t wear carpets like we do clothes, they are around us all the time. So, how they look can make a huge difference to our mood and the general atmosphere in which we work and live. At Desso, we are dedicated to creating carpets inspired by the latest trends such as fashion, architecture, art and interior design to enhance and enliven the interior space. Our global growth strategy is based on the following drivers:

Operational Excellence

Relentless in our desire to satisfy our customers, we make it a priority to continuously improve our operational performance. We must maintain the best capabilities to deliver what our customers need whenever they want it, however they need it and wherever they are. It’s about having the mindset to deliver fast, flexible and focused customer solutions that are flawlessly executed. The business environment is changing fast all the time and we must be able to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients.


Creativity: Design excellence is a priority for us across all our business divisions. We are inspired by the latest trends in areas such as fashion, architecture, art and interior design. Next to that we want to stimulate co-creation of stunning new designs either via our international Circles of Architects® platform or by successful partnerships with leading architects and designers.
Functionality: Pioneering solutions that lead to healthier and happier living and working conditions.Through this process, we ask what can our carpets do to improve health and well-being, leading to innovations such as the DESSO AirMaster® and SoundMaster®, carpets that reduce the amount of fine dust in the indoor atmosphere and unwanted noise.
Cradle to Cradle®: We are passionate about creating products that have a positive impact on people’s health today inside their homes and offices and that also contribute to a more sustainable business model in the future. We achieve this through Cradle to Cradle® design


Geographic expansion: Desso’s goal is to continue to expand the business to new geographical regions. Currently, Desso is expanding its activities in Asia, Pacific and Latin America and have further plans for expansion in other regions in the coming years.
Market channel expansion: Desso is highly committed to further develop the Education, Healthcare and Government channels. Desso is therefore successfully taking our new products that clear the indoor air of dust and reduce unwanted noise into these channels


At Desso, we are committed to clear, open and honest communications that enable us to achieve our strategic objectives. Reinventing a business means having to win the hearts and minds of a multitude of stakeholders, both internally and externally. For these reasons, Desso believes that robust and open communications is one of the fundamental drivers of its long-term success.

Health and Wellbeing
People talk about the ‘Great Outdoors’, where they go for fresh air.


But we know that people really spend most of their time indoors- 90% of their time in fact. And people are consuming things they cannot see such as fine dust or potential VOC’s from paint, pvc, plastics, etc. This leads us to ask: How can we make our carpets work better for people? How can we create the ‘Great Indoors’?

Our innovation pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design enable us to achieve this: to create carpets that improve people’s health and wellbeing when they are indoors.

Through creativity we make carpets that have the right colour, texture and design to form the exact atmosphere our customers want from the inspiring to the reflective. As clothes make the man, so do carpets. And also other parts of the interior can create the place our customers want. We believe that design can have a major impact on people’s mental state of mind, thus influencing people’s physical condition.

With functionality, we make products that add real practical value. For example, they reduce the amount of fine dust in the indoor air or wipe out some of the unwanted noise. These are just some of the innovations we have delivered.

With Cradle to Cradle® design, we are taking materials and design to the next level, where our products can become even healthier and the materials can be recycled, benefitting the environment.