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EC Group

The Flooring Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with EC Group, a supplier in many ranges of flooring.

Below EC Group describe themselves and their products;

Our Mission provides innovative flooring solutions to people through excellence in service and care.

Company Profile, formally known as edwardstowncarpets, was established in 1963 and is drawing close to its 50th year anniversary. has an established and respected standing in the floorcovering industry, recognised both nationally and internationally.

During that time span, we have worked towards seven core goals: design, innovation and colour, strategic stock holding, customer care, quality and honesty.

Our commitment to this tradition continues.

The use of the company’s initials “ec” was an important part of the naming process to retain the long history of the organisation, established in Edwardstown, South Australia during 1963. The word “group” represents the amalgamation of the relatively new sister company, ecmodular, with edwardstowncarpets.

Charity & Community are involved in charitable programs, where the company view giving as an important role and part of their business.

There are different initiatives where have assisted in providing funds, for example the Victorian Fires in 2009, known as Australia’s worst natural disaster and the Australian Red Cross.

People are the heart of our company, formerly known as edwardstowncarpets, has been operating in Australia for nearly 50 years and is Australia’s leading carpet manufacturer in design, innovation and colour.

We hold honesty, integrity, loyalty and a willingness to learn as the most important values of a team member.

Our success, growth and market leadership largely depends on the energy and efforts of all our employees serving our customers. Our people are instrumental in making a great company.

At all levels, our people are the heart of our company and they always will be. There’s something fundamental that unites us in a common cause: every one of us is working to deliver exceptional customer care and service. That means our people are the key determinant of our continuing success.

We have an extremely diverse customer base and, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we also encourage diversity within our organisation.

We take pride in supporting employees from different backgrounds with different life experiences and we work in partnership with local organisations to engender such a culture.

We offer mentoring schemes and leadership development. We have a strong focus on both personal and professional development for our staff and offer continuous learning opportunities with regular talks, programs and access to relevant training.Our commitment to equal opportunities and creating a supportive, flexible working environment has earned us the reputation of a preferred employer.

This commitment and the creativity of all our people has enabled to grow into an exceptional organisation. As such we are continually looking for outstanding people who would like to join us and contribute to’s ongoing success.

Environmental Policy is committed to achieving a high level of environmental care through our business practices.

We aim for continuous improvement and action on emerging environmental management issues.

We strive for our products and services to be environmentally sound and the ecologic™ brand represents our commitment and participation towards a cleaner, safer environment.

ecologic™ is the framework for all activities to work towards an environmentally responsible business. The ethos includes: 

  • Pollution prevention;
  • Conduct works in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and licences while taking into consideration local community expectations;
  • Implement systems of management to identify and assess risks, which need to be controlled and monitored;
  • Where economically viable, reduce energy consumption and waste of resources;
  • Through regular review, re-set objectives and targets to improve our environmental sustainability credentials with respect to our products and work practices;
  • Ensure all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors are aware of their responsibilities and obligations and are held accountable for their actions in meeting the environmental objectives set by the Company;
  • Ensure environmental care is integrated into all work place practices, including training and decision making;
  • Communicate openly as required with all stakeholders on issues which may directly affect the environment as required.

These principles are of paramount importance to™, therefore all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors are expected to comply through active support of the ecologic™ environmental management systems and standards.

Quality Policy specialise in the manufacture of quality broadloom tufted carpets and a range of carpet underlays.

It is the objective of the organisation to produce high quality products and services with the aim of achieving customer confidence.

The quality and reliability of the organisation’s products and service is seen as paramount to the success and growth of our business. Quality must continue to be the concern of every person in the organisation, not just the sole responsibility of management. Every person in the organisation has quality related responsibilities, and it must be accepted and understood that every aspect of what we do in the business ultimately affects the level of customer satisfaction.

To assist in the controlling of activities that relate to the provision of its products and services, has implemented and maintains a tailored Quality Management System meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. The methods employed are to be kept under continual review and improved whenever and wherever possible.

The quality objectives of are to:

  • Provide fast turnaround time on customer orders
  • Decrease the incidence of customer complaints through the provision of quality products and optimum service
  • Maintain an effective customer follow-up service policy for Quality shall be communicated, understood, and implemented throughout the organisation. All employees are expected to embrace and support this policy as a team and to actively pursue the requirements of the quality management system so that we may meet the expectations of our customers and achieve success in the market. is committed to its ecycle carpet system to help you find more environmentally sensitive solutions in your project. 

The fundamental design principles that underpin ecycle are simple:

1. Design carpets for durability
2. Select world-leading recycled materials
3. Design for end-life recyclability
4. Provide systems infrastructure for end-life recycling

Extending product life is a key strategy in reducing greenhouse emissions, reducing waste and reducing cost of ownership. Sometimes natural is not always best. Man-made materials have allowed to design carpets that look and feel great but have longer life through resistance to wear compared to natural fibres. But that is only half the story. Some synthetic carpets are made to a price point with resultant quality compromises. At, all ecycle designed carpets are made to exacting quality standards to ensure carpet life is maximised.

Selecting world-leading recycled materials is central to the ecycle system. The team investigated world best practice to discover recycled fibre that both minimises the carbon footprint of producing manufacturing materials but also contributes to the elimination of existing waste problems. The found the answer in a product developed by Italian company Aquafil S.p.A. called ECONYL®. The ECONYL® Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) used by in the ecycle system is a filament material made from material harvested from ocean floor pollution sites and land fill. The harvested materials are taken through a process of separation, depolymerisation, re-polymerisation as caprolactum with the same characteristics as raw fossil material. It is then transformed into fully recycled PA6 Polymers (Nylon 6) for use as carpet filament, with the same properties as virgin nylon made from fossil fuels. The ECONYL® Bulk Continuous Filament is included on the list of materials eligible for LEED® points. LEED® points are “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” points in a rating and certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. The LEED® points system is now an internationally recognised system for meeting worldwide standards for eco-friendly buildings.

In addition to filament, which is used in broadloom carpets and carpet tiles, the team designed the carpet tiles usingecomfort backing which is a material made from recycled PET from things like discarded soft drink bottles.

The value of using these recycled materials cannot be underestimated:

  • In producing every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL® Caprolactam (the precursor to Nylon 6 used in Bulk Continuous Filament), 11,000 tonnes of plastic waste is eliminated from our oceans and landfills, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved and 40,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided.
  • Every minute in the US, 5 million PET drinking bottles are discarded

Most importantly, under the ecycle system, the team has designed carpets that can be recycled at the end of their designated product life. Further, at, there is systems infrastructure to make it happen. Once your carpet has completed its designated product life and it has been taken up, will arrange to take it off for recycling. is proud to be associated with world leading environmental solutions and taking part in building a more sustainable future.