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Commercial Flooring News

Ecotile Flooring

The Flooring Group and their partner Ecotile Flooring have satisfied many customers providing them with high-quality flooring solutions and smooth installations. As we share the same business values, our partnership has proved to be rewarding through the years. We are glad to announce that this year our collaborator Ecotile Flooring is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

Ecotile Flooring is a company manufactured in the UK. The company has a product range that has been designed in accordance with accredited standards in order to minimise the impact on the environment. As the name suggests, Ecotile Flooring aims to ensure that industrial practices are as green as possible and works with a high percentage of recycled materials. The company maintains a first-class safety and sustainability culture at all times and are totally committed to provide highest levels of service, quality and technical expertise. Ecotile Flooring has a variety of eco-friendly flooring solutions that are suitable for both heavy industrial and commercial settings. The products that the company offers are provided with great design, flexibility and customisable colours.