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Floor Cleaning Should Be Budget-Friendly And Hygienic

London flooring contractors claim, that most floor cleaning methods are not cost-effective and they don’t succeed in removing debris and bacteria. Moreover – they damage the natural shine of the surface. London flooring experts recommend much gentler sanitising, that is better for the surface and your budget. All customers who intend to purchase and install London flooring solutions should know, that the floor is also a valuable asset, that needs to be maintained and maximized. The more the floor cleaning is inefficient, the greater the risk for health, safety, money loss, wear and tear. Here are more details:

  • London flooring contractors recommend a facility audit. Inspection of the floor cleaning procedures and machinery is very important.
  • Flooring experts London advocate a science-based approach to sanitising. The first method is based on low-cost, traditional technique. Most of the London flooring solutions are disinfected through mopping. The results show that this method is not very efficient. When London flooring specialists try to remove dirtiness, they spread the soiled solution even on already sanitised zones. It seems that it’s a real folly not to implement specially designed floor cleaning equipment which will both save money and stimulate productivity.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that mopping may be really hazardous. First of all, there is a big risk of slipperies on wet-mopped floorings. In addition, via mopping dirtiness and microbes are spread all over the surface. This is extremely dangerous for food areas, kitchens, toilets where high level of hygiene is required.
  • Consequently the campaign ‘Chop the mop’ may be supported by every London flooring company. The cleaning process should be automatised. However, it’s not so easy to choose an equipment when it comes to pay back and costs. Moreover – London flooring experts remind that a machinery is prone to breakdowns and repairs are expensive.
  • London flooring specialists claim that all these facts are valid for scrubber dryers. They are flexible and with them various floors may be washed. Their pads remove all the dirtiness from the floor and the surface is left completely dry with one passing only. However, together with soil and filth a small amount of the flooring surface is also removed. As the time goes by, this process is harmful, because the protective coating of wooden or vinyl flooring will be removed. Thus the surface will become more difficult for sanitising and will lose its shine.
  • In order to avoid all these inconveniences and traps, London flooring contractors search for a middle course to hygienic cleaning. It involves spreading a controlled quantity of cleaning detergent on the surface, then vacuuming the solution into a separate recovery tank. The purpose is to leave the surface ideally dry.

London flooring contractors conclude that this sanitising system is gentler when it comes to cleaning budgets and for the floorings too. It ensures very hygienic and efficient floor disinfecting.

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