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Floor Finishes Can Boost Bottom Lines

Lisa Breakspear on making the most of your consumables

IN most retail showrooms, space is at a premium. Unless you stock just one brand or only a handful of products, it’s hard to achieve a minimalistic look. And, with so many flooring displays to accommodate, there’s often little room for sealants and maintenance products. And, yet, when it comes to profit potential, they can pack a big punch!
Floor finishes and treatments have evolved over recent years, but this is rarely reflected in the shop environment.
Old stock sticks around and you can understand why; the investment has already been made. But, reviewing these consumables to ensure they suit your current product range, and your customer’s requirements, can make a difference to your turnover.
Do they tick all of the boxes and is your sales team fully briefed on what these products do? Many manufacturers, like Fila, offer training courses which can help in terms of correct maintenance advice and trouble shooting; they can give your team the competitive edge.
So, what’s new in flooring finishes and treatments? In a nutshell, there are the products that are designed to treat specific materials and to handle specific jobs, like protect a tile joint, restore shine to marble, or create a dirt barrier on textured and unpolished surfaces. Others may perform dual roles, for example, seal and create an enhanced look. Meanwhile, some offer a solution for a range of surfaces.
New solvent-free sealants, in particular, offer a safer, faster application, as well as providing greater coverage. They can often be applied where there’s residual moisture as well, so they can speed up a job no end.
The new breed of floor finishes has also increased specification potential for more delicate surfaces, like encaustic tiles, and they provide extra protection so that surfaces can be used indoors and outside.
Modern consolidators can also enable certain sensitive materials to be used externally and they’re suitable for stone that typically deteriorates in moist conditions, opening the door in terms of refurbishment projects.
If the bottles in your showroom are dust gatherers, it might be time to see what else is out there, and to find out how this seemingly small part of your range could make a big difference to your bottom line.
Lisa Breakspear is sales & technical director, Fila UK

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