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Flooring Maintenance Costs

$0.036 Total 4604 $0.689
Based on ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) cleaning rates.

Comparative Studies
Total Minute Per 1000 Sq. Ft. Cost/Sq. Ft. Per Year3 Total Minutes Per 1000 Sq. Ft. Cost/Sq. Ft. Per Year3
Carpet 3,500 $ 0.513 2,800 $ 0.394
Vinyl 4,604 $ 0.680 7,100 $ 1.001
1 – CARPAX study based on cleaning rates and frequencies.

2 – BOMA (Building Office Managers Association) data based on 1990 study of cleaning floor surfaces.

3 – Based on $8.50 pr hour labor.

The Carpet and Rug Institute advocates the use of ISSA data based on time management data and estimated frequencies. However, the BOMA study, based on actual maintenance costs, suggests that actual cost for maintaining VCT may exceed ISSA estimates.

General Comments – Cleaning Rates and Maintenance Costs
Below is a comparison of the CARPAX projection for schools, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) experience in office building cleaning operations in North America (1990), and a recent (1995) study of commercial floorcovering cleaning charges by Cleaning Management Magazine (December 1995 Vol. 32, Number 12, ppg 1-8).

Total Minutes per 1000 sq. ft. Costs/sq. ft. per year* Total Minutes per 1000 sq. ft. Costs/sq. ft. per year* Costs/sq. ft. per year**
Carpet 3,540 $ 0.513 2,800 $ 0.394 $ 0.512
VCT 4,604 $ 0.680 7,104 $ 1.001 $ 1.416
* Based on a labor rate of $ 8.50 per hour

** Based on four (4) facility-wide carpet cleanings per year

The Carpet Buyers Handbook has elected to use in this report the CARPAX cleaning frequency and cleaning production rates based on ISSA cleaning rates and frequencies. The ISSA provides accurate, unbiased information to the cleaning industry as a whole. However, the BOMA survey data and the Cleaning Management Study suggest that actual costs for maintaining VCT floors may exceed the estimates presented in the CARPAX study.

In summary, all floor covering types emit volatile organic compounds. If VOC emissions and resulting health implications are a concern, select products that have been tested and identified as being low emitters. Consider also the impact of chemicals required for maintenance of these floor covering products. Initiate a maintenance program that is designed to provide a healthy atmosphere for its occupants and displays pride in the facility.

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2. “Effects of New Carpet Emissions on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health”, (date),Dr.Allan Hedge, Ph.D, Cornell University
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