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11 Benefits Of Fitted Carpets

Recently, customers have embraced more versatile floorings choices and have backed from carpets. But isn’t it time to revive the trend.The FLooring Group has listed a few very nice benefits of wall-to-wall carpets you might find useful.

1. Insulation. Carpeting holds warmth and provides great insulation against extreme cold and heat. In cold climates, this is a big advantage. As energy and gas costs are permanently rising, having carpeting throughout your home can significantly decrease the energy bill.

2. A feel of luxury. Just consider whether you have ever stayed in a luxury hotel that didn’t have carpeting. It is the only flooring in hotels for a variety of reasons.
The choice of many styles and colours is just one of them. That means your ultimate can certainly reflect how you want to personalize your home. A carpet can be a neutral foundation or a point of focus with bold patterns, vibrant colours and texture.

3. Safety. Carpeting is ideal for reducing slips and falls and minimizing potential injuries when falls occur. It can provide safety and protection for the whole family, and especially for toddlers and seniors. And let’s not forget about the pets.

4. Noise reduction. Big-screen TVs, computers, speakerphones, and modern sound systems make our homes extremely noisy. Carpeting absorbs these sound vibrations, especially with a good-quality underlay beneath. It works as an insulating barrier between the floors and reduces sound transmission to the rooms below.

5. Durability. Carpeting maintains its life and beauty for long periods given it has been properly cleaned and maintained.

6. Easy maintenance. If you have pets, then you know that no matter how often you sweep, you’ll still have tumbleweeds of fluff rolling all around on hardwood floors. Wall-to-wall carpeting is very easy to maintain. Vacuuming and occasional cleanings are all it takes. And stain treatment is getting easier with new technology.

7. Versatility. Patterns and colours range from contemporary to traditional, so there sure is something for every taste.

8. Warmth. Stepping onto a chilly hardwood floor in the morning is not the way to wake up. Carpets always feel warm.

9. Softness. Let’s face it: kids will not want to curl up on a hardwood floor to play with their toys. Carpeting provides a cushioned surface.

10. Expansiveness. Nothing does expand a room like the wall-to-wall carpeting does. It cannot be done with a hard floor and a small rug.

11. Price. The entire price for carpeting, an underlay and installation is significantly less than that of a hardwood floor. So that gives enough thought to consider.

Here are some of our carpet installation projects for your inspiration: