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2017 Rustic Home Design Trends

Winter is the time of year to curl next to the fireplace with a hot chocolate cup and a nice book and just enjoy the moment. It is well known that the warmth of the fire and the cosy feeling of home is influenced by the rustic design of a room anywhere we go. And its style sparks such feelings in almost every homeowner that have opted for it.

The vast interpretation of rustic style can be sensed not only in country villas, modern builts and even public places. Rustic style offers a breath of comfort one feels only at home.

  1. Rustic engineered wood flooring. That particular style focuses on the use of natural materials only and nothing screams rustic more that authentic hardwood floor. Of course, there are modern alternatives to that – engineered wood, laminate or even stained concrete. But the wooden floor in its solid option is the most acceptable. The natural tones of the wood, provide warmth and relaxation.
  2. Exposed wood beams. The floor aside, exposing wood beams as an interior decision brings the feeling of a country house and can be interpreted even as a terrace. It is imperative to check the timber with an expert. Sometimes it needs only a touch of TLC, other times needs prior treatment before exposure.
  3. An illusion of space. Create such illusion in small and narrow rooms by focusing on the most recognisable rustic elements – high ceilings, kitchen folk design, open plan living area.
  4. Always use natural materials. Environment-friendly attitude is among the most popular in 2017. Eco products and resources can be pricey but given the maintenance and durability, they come quite handy and affordable after all.
  5. Minimalistic rustic clash. Nowadays, minimalistic approach towards life may seem to contradict the ethos of the rustic lavishness. But incorporating both styles is not uncommon – it only takes some thought and vision for the final look.

The Flooring Group welcomes every attempt to transform classical looks and elements into contemporary style. We can provide all the necessary tools and expert advice you will ever need.