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Commercial Flooring News

2019 Flooring Trends

The flooring trends of 2019 are either emerging or continuing the already popular products while showcasing the advances in technology and a culture that is increasingly environmentally conscious.

The look and feel of Hardwood

It has always been a well-loved look. True hardwood flooring is a great choice for adding value to any home. Materials that mimic wood are laminate, bamboo, and cork – all varying in price points, aesthetics, and durability.

Laminate looks like hardwood, but at a lower cost and with minimal chance of warping as the flooring ages.

Cork is warm and soft underfoot and naturally insulates and muffles sound. It is sustainably sourced from cork oak trees.

Bamboo is made from a sustainable grass product and dares hardwood for sturdiness, stain resistance, and scratches.

Textured Carpeting

Carpet continues to be the No. 1 flooring choice again for 2019. It’s a warm and comfortable which works well in bedrooms and living areas.

Textured carpets are poised to be the most popular styles this year. Having a unique look and feel, they are different from traditional carpets due to the loops being cut. The carpets are made from tightly woven cables which provide a luxurious, plush feel in a variety of colours and patterns.

Close to nature

Customers choose to be closer to nature with flooring that has a more organic and patterns that are more haphazard.

High variety of wood looks that appear less staged and more natural are in demand. The same goes for stone flooring and distressed, hand-scraped or wire-brushed wood floors that offer the rustic looks.


Recent advances in carpet construction have developed carpets that withstand high foot traffic, and additionally having a waterproof backing that prevents spills and pet accidents from soaking in.

Laminate, vinyl, LVT and the traditional tiles are also good choices for moisture-prone areas, that tend to have easy maintenance and cleanup.

With so many options, it’s a good idea to look at flooring in person. Visit one of our London stores and talk to a specialist.