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5 Essential Promotional Mistakes To Avoid

In this article London flooring contractors will tell you more about top 5 marketing errors. Usually, companies make them when it comes to their approach to marketing. Consider these mistakes and try to avoid them in your promotional campaigns:

  • The lack of strong marketing plan. This is a serious fault according to London flooring experts. There are many small and large organisations which don’t embrace the essential business strategy. There are various reasons about that: over stretched resources; pressure of time; managers who don’t deal with planning, but have become implementers. The successful and sound marketing plan is crucial to deliver a holistic approach. In addition, it will help for offering a clear focus and the best solution with the most efficient return on marketing investments.
  • The lack of differentiation. London flooring contractors claim, that nowadays with the huge power of Internet, customers have access to great amount of information. It’s very important to determine what makes your London flooring company different from others. In other words you should define your ESP (emotional selling points) or USP (unique selling proposition). Differing from the competition is essential according to London flooring contractors. London flooring specialists are aware that the so called me-too businesses rarely survives. It usually uses only one weapon – the prices.
  • Overlooking existing customers. Every London flooring shop should be aware, that current customers are like the gold. If you neglect them you will miss out on on-going revenue. According to the type of the business, there will be a huge amount of clients who will stay dormant. They will have purchased a London flooring product once or twice. The conclusion is that every London flooring company should monitor its customers. Supporting the customer data base is also very important.
  • Insufficient resources: In case your London flooring company has not enough resources to provide customer satisfaction, all your marketing will be lost. As an important part of the company’s marketing plan is to make sure that the targets match the available resources.
  • Humble Measurement: London flooring contractors are aware, that setting of clear objectives is crucial for effective marketing. So the promotional campaigns should be well monitored and measured. The return of investment should be achieved as a result of correct planning. When London flooring specialists set their goals, they should ensure implementing the processes, systems and resources which are mandatory to measure them.

London flooring contractors affirm that when SMART objectives (Sensible – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time specific) are introduced, then marketing and measurement will really add value to the business of London flooring companies.

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