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5 Flooring Styles From Around The World

Have you considered what floorings are typical for the different countries and continents? The Flooring Group will guide you through the beautiful and practical ideas to inspire you from the cool, contemporary woods of Scandinavia, to the vibrant, colourful tiles from the Orient. Here are the 5 different regions worldwide with their key styles, looks and trends.

  1. Scandinavian style
  2. The essence of Scandi chic is the wood – lots of wood. All the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian interiors and flooring types such use pine, fir and oak that reflect a cool, contemporary Nordic vibe.The Scandinavians make the most out of natural light and materials and put a strong emphasis on wellbeing, functionality, simplicity and beauty. The wood is usually treated only with a light-coloured finish that gives a sense of space and openness. The best characteristic of the Scandinavian style is the cultivation of a palpable atmosphere that will always make an impact.

  3. Eastern look
  4. An Asian touch to the floors can be created with the use of natural colours and materials. The palettes of browns, reds, greens and tans are extremely popular. As for the main materials – they include stone tiles, hardwood and terracotta. Oriental rugs and throws can give these slightly colder surfaces a bit more warmth. Also, Japanese tatami mats (rice straw mats), can prove highly effective.In this look, the important thing is to create the right tone for the correct country or region of influence. The Japanese colours and textures are generally minimal and calming, while China tends to steer towards deeper, brighter, and more vibrant flooring and interior designs.

  5. Latin American influence
  6. When considering a South American flooring flavour the focus is on the exotic styles of wood. From Santos mahogany to Brazilian cherry, maple, rosewood, or oak – all the rich, fiery colours on display such as browns, reds, oranges and yellows. Brazil produces some of the hardest, densest and most durable species around, using the sustainable forest practices.

  7. African affair
  8. The hottest continent on Earth hardly requires any or minimal insulation when it comes to floorings. The tiles of terracotta or sandstone are most common. An alternative is the plain concrete floor that’s been stained, as to keep the home cool at all times. When it comes to soft furnishings, a sisal mat or rug will be the accessory to any room.

  9. European trend
  10. The French flavour into any house is the parquet pattern. This is classic and timeless in chevron and herringbone styles the flooring elevates any room with ease. The Spanish tones, on the other hands, are all earthy, natural materials, combined with rich, warm colours and the use of terracotta.The fancy Italian approach is to have a marble that oozes luxury, opulence and class.

Stay inspired by The Flooring Group!