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6 Common Questions About Wood – Answered

You won’t believe how many London hardwood flooring solutions got damaged by poor maintenance using old remedies to clean wood floors. Even if the advice which your great-grandparents gave you sounds totally legit, think twice before putting it into action. In this article, we will go through some of the most common questions and you will get them answered by our London flooring professionals.

  • Is it alright to use the steam cleaner that is advertised on TV? It is said that it can be used with any finish.
    Maybe you will be disappointed but the answer is ‘No’. Our flooring experts in London say that if you look at the warranty of these products you will see that it is no good for what you want.
  • What does exactly a steamer will do to my hardwood flooring or laminate?
    Steam cleaners peel of finishes. Water and wood don`t get together. London flooring specialists say that it is a common damage as many homeowners believe the commercials. You can only use a steam cleaner if the manufacturer of the finish says it is okay on the label. However, no one states such thing yet.
  • Is it okay if I use water and vinegar solution just as my great-grandparents told me?
    This method is still used for cleaning London hardwood flooring with a urethane finish. Yet, we advise you to use a recommended product by the finishes` manufacturer as vinegar is acidic and using too much can result in damage.
  • How do I know who is the manufacturer of the finish?
    If you are in doubt, contact your supplier – most of them are able to supply you with maintenance kits. Reliable London flooring contractors usually hand them down as a gift together with some maintenance guidelines for the type of finish.
  • I bought some wood polish from a big supermarket. However, I can see markings and footprints all over my flooring after I used it. What should I do about that?
    London flooring specialists say that this is a common scenario. You need to contract the finish manufacturer and ask for advice. If you fail to do so, your floor might require sanding as the finish may be very hard to remove. Be careful how you choose such products as even if some of them claim they are suitable for wood floors they may be not suitable for the finish you have. Read the label cautiously.
  • Can I vacuum my wood flooring?
    Yes, you can. This will remove grit and dirt which will otherwise damage the surface. Just don`t use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar as it can scratch the finish over time.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to protect your hardwood flooring and it will serve you for the years to come. Below you will find short tips that can really make a difference in your maintenance regime.

  • Use only recommended cleaning agents.
  • Don’t wet clean your wood floors.
  • Vacuum the floor as often as you can.
  • Providing protection at entrance and exits will decrease the chances of bringing in dirt.
  • Use furniture pads for feet and bases.
  • If you are a pet-owner, get your pet’s claws clipped at the vets as they can scratch the surface.
  • For high traffic areas better have some carpet runners to prevent the floor from damages.

These are the most common questions regarding hardwood floors answered by our flooring experts in London. Don’t forget to keep your home within normal living conditions and avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. By doing this, you guarantee yourself a nice and decent flooring solution to serve you for the years to come!

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