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6 Golden Rules For Timber

The timber flooring is highly prized as an eye-catching, low-maintenance and long-lasting choice. The right products, when properly installed, can only add real value to the home and set the tone for all the interior decor. Here is a major guideline for timber flooring:


1. Plan the look carefully

Before specifying anything it is vital to decide whether to create a traditional or contemporary look. Timber comes in plenty of shades – from chocolate browns to warm golds. They depend not only on the tree species, while the grade of it and any other decorative effects or finishes on what customers select.


2. Match the floor to the application

Areas that receive heavy footfall will require a more durable covering than other zones. Hardwoods (oak or walnut) are often specified for the busier spaces, while others (fir or pine) are more adequate in rarely-used bedrooms. Another consideration to be kept in mind is that timber expands in humid environments and can even contract. The actual movement will depend on the species, moisture content and where it has been laid.


3. Sustainably sourced timber only

For peace of mind, the chosen flooring must come with a seal of approval that guarantees the timber is taken from responsibly-managed sources.


4. For underfloor heating (UFH), an engineered wood may be a better choice than solid boards

As there is close proximity to the heat emitter, the robust and multi-layered construction, of engineered boards provide the excellent partner. The thickness of the natural wood will, on the other hand, affect its thermal resistance.


5. Prolong the life of your wood floors by applying a protective coating

Most timber products come pre-treated from the factory and can be delivered ready to fit. There are three usual choices of finish: lacquer, oil and wax. But these treatments will need to be re-applied every half a year or so for longer life of the wood.


6. Always clean the timber floors with a suitable detergent

Daily vacuuming or sweeping the wood floors will help remove any abrasive particles. For deeper cleans, the products used must always be pH neutral. Thus no harm can be done and the life of the wood will be prolonged.