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A Few Hot Vinyl Flooring Ideas

The days of that ugly, 1980s vinyl, which was commonly confused with linoleum are gone. The world of vinyl flooring has drastically changed and evolved more than any other type of flooring.

The advancing technology has provided vinyl manufacturers with the ability to develop shockingly realistic looks mimicking natural ones, such as wood and stone. As vinyl is taking the flooring world by storm, customers can prepare for the exciting ride with the following few top choice ideas.

Wood-Look Vinyl

Not before long laminate was the only wood-look flooring and the Ferrari of it. Then vinyl, jumped into the realistic wood-look market. This has caused both flooring manufacturers to improve fast while trying to keep up with the other. The truth is that wood-look vinyl is just as realistic as wood-look laminate, while needing even less maintenance. Wood-look vinyl has also become highly popular for both commercial and residential use.

Among the trending Wood-Look Vinyl Textures are

  • Handscraped looks featuring long, ingrained scrapes
  • Wirebrushed looks
  • Distressed looks

Stone-Look Vinyl

Also in the near past, porcelain and ceramic tiles were the only way to get a beautiful and durable realistic stone look. But these days, technology allows for more types of flooring to enter the scene. The trending Stone-Look Vinyl Types are:

  • Marble.
  • Slate.
  • Travertine.

Metalic and Concrete Look

Those are just like the normal looks but with a slight shimmer added to them for more luxurious feel. And while concrete is known for being a cost-effective, the vinyl flooring and the luxury vinyl tiles are also known for being super affordable easy to maintain.

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks

These options are for high traffic areas that need to up their game in terms of realistic look and cost effective replacement if damaged. Tiles and planks are easy to replace without changing the entire look of the floor. And the vast options of shade, look imitations and print allow for imagination freedom.

So, no matter the final look – vinyl has it all – a bit for every taste.