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A Few Reasons To Love Vinyl Flooring

The Vinyl flooring hype is quite high at the moment. Recently, it has transformed from being practical and a bit dull at times, to a high-quality, stylish and versatile, easy-care and affordable flooring material.

It is available in a vast range of patterns and colours. Also, luxury vinyl can even mimic all kinds of surfaces – from wood and stone to mosaics and metallics. And since the images are digitally printed, the final effect is surprisingly realistic. Let The Flooring Group guide you through the vinyl magic.

All for one-piece
The sheet vinyl is a perfect design tool for sleek, seamless flooring for those who are after a uniform look. It is a tough and easy-to-maintain option and can even conjure up the look of concrete – minus the installation hassles. A real budget saver!

Pattern play
One of the best advantages of vinyl is the array of patterns and colours, which allow for creativity and setting the desired mood. It is both resilient and creative, adding an extra design dimension to an otherwise unified room.

Liven up the floor with patterns
Create the look of tiles for a slightly more traditional look in the kitchen with vinyl in an alternating squares pattern is a great alternative to tiles.

Lay vinyl in a kid’s room
One of the few places more in need of a practical flooring -the child’s room. Installing a smart vinyl will make the little ones play to their heart’s content without fear of damaging a carpet.

Mimic mosaics
Vinyl can mimic any material. A pattern like mosaics will add texture and will be faster to lay, smoother underfoot and easier to maintain.

To jazz up the bathroom floor go geometric
The eye-catching floor might be a positive change. Customers can use black, white and grey parallelograms forming an intricate. It is almost a 3D cube effect and it is mesmerising – will certainly steal the show.

Work it like it is wood
Wood-effect vinyl can be surprisingly realistic, much easier to lay and more budget friendly. It fits brilliantly in rooms where the floor is more likely to get wet, like bathrooms and kitchens, and in any other space that would benefit from those advantages.

Be practical
At times, the natural floor materials are not the best choice in a bathroom and here is where vinyl in all its glory comes into play.

The Flooring Group offers a wide selection of vinyl flooring options available to suit every budget, room and interior taste.