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A Warm Floor Underfoot? Yes, Please!

For the past three years, energy bills have risen by over 37%. Combining that with energy-efficient technologies and global warming this simply translates into a tendency the percentage to get higher and higher. London flooring contractors point out that cautious homeowners rely on electric underfloor heating and there are many reasons why this is becoming the heating solution of choice. In this article, we will discuss all the myths surrounding underfloor heating. Its advantages don’t stop only to the fact that there is no energy wasted because you can control the temperature of each room. Read on.

  • Let’s start with an explanation what exactly is underfloor heating. This system provides an efficient way of heating large surface area, unlike radiators which heat only a specific area. You can save at least 10% on your utility bills. London flooring experts say that underfloor heating is a smart option if you want to provide your home with an even temperature. The heat comes from the ground up and almost no heat is wasted making it a good alternative to traditional heating methods.
  • London flooring specialists explain that underfloor heating can be used not only in conservatories and bathrooms but in a whole house as well. One of the advantages is that electric underfloor heating can provide heat to the entire home or just in small areas depending on the homeowners wish.
  • Why choosing underfloor heating is a smart decision? London flooring contractors inform that the list of its benefits is long. High comfort levels, greater heating control and improved efficiency. Homeowners can set the desired temperature and monitor and control via thermostat the energy usage and expenses. However, many people still believe that running a whole house electrical heating system is more expensive than a gas boiler or water-based system but that’s a misconception. If electric underfloor heating is used properly, it provides quick heat up times and the fact that you can choose which rooms to be heated makes it even more convenient. London flooring specialists say that a regular-sized bathroom, for instance, can cost about 13p a day to run.
  • Another serious benefit that a London flooring company states is the fact that underfloor heating brings greater design freedom – you can safely install the floor you love and decorate your room in a way you want without having to deal with pipes and radiators. Homeowners also greatly value that underfloor heating prevents dust mites – they can’t survive as the humidity is reduced. Underfloor heating is ideal for people with asthma and allergies. Families with small children and elderly can greatly benefit as underfloor heating provides a safer environment, free of hard metal edges and hot surfaces.
  • Little did you know but now there are thermostats which you can control from your mobile device. They are connected to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled from your home and office as long as there is a connection. How convenient is to control the heating with the help of your smartphone?

Our London flooring company highly recommends installing underfloor heating – experience the numerous advantages of providing your home with this favourable heating resolution!

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