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Actually, Not At Your Service

A tendency that London flooring specialists have noticed is that the main complaint concerning LVT is about subfloor preparation or the installation itself. In order to give true information and solution, LVT manufacturers are contacted if they haven’t appropriate data on their websites. London flooring experts point out that many of these manufacturers have excellent websites which means that essential information can be downloaded. Yet, if something is not showed on their websites, the respected London flooring manufacturers can be contacted – you can call their technical department and talk to a real person. Most of the staff that works there are helpful and provide useful information on different issues concerning London flooring and different products.

  • Usually, the best information provided can be found on the websites of manufacturers that offer adhesives and subfloor preparation. However, a reputable flooring expert in London point outs that a certain LVT manufacturer, when contacted, provided poor information and acted defensively. The staff doesn’t have the essential knowledge and work only in accordance with the “notes” that they use to give answers to different questions.
  • In a matter of facts, London flooring specialists usually contact manufacturers not only because there is something wrong with a certain product but because there is a misunderstanding of instructions or misquote of standards and so on. Of course, there are some issues concerning product defects in a certain flooring type but manufacturers typically are very helpful and want to know such feedback in order to avoid expensive call-backs at later point. What London flooring specialists say is that in general manufacturers want to resolve a problem as quickly as possible and provide high-quality London flooring solutions to their customers. Many retailers and London flooring contractors are in the same opinion about this case. An unfortunate fact is that many customers said that when they deterred an issue with a certain product, they met unhelpfulness from the aforementioned manufacturer. When consumers contact to explain their complaint, they look for an explanation but when they don`t receive an appropriate answer and call the manufacturer, he usually explains that such problem has nothing to do with them.
  • London flooring experts state that they have found out that this manufacturer, when called before sale, was very helpful and responsive. However, when called after a sale was made the after-sales service was at very low level.

What this article aims is to make manufacturers understand that this is a real case. Follow the example of the majority and be helpful and responsive not only before sales – this is how you will be successful in London flooring industry.

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