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All About The Mixture

The following information will be useful to know from both our experienced colleagues in the flooring companies in London and around the globe, after all we all try and improve best we can everyday. The Flooring Group would like to introduce you to what sort of an impact can a simple yet crucial thing to know can have to managing your resources while working. Our flooring contractors explain that common sense is a good thing to have when decanting a compound from a bigger unit into smaller ones, let’s find out why.

  • Extends the ‘shelf-life’ of the product
  • Minimises losses or wastage
  • Simply cost-effective

Alright, now that we know why how exactly do we perform this procedure?

Assure yourself that you have the right equipment for this job, you will need:

  • Space large enough to work
  • A scale that can measure the containers
  • Clean containers, big enough to fit all the components

After that you will need to measure the resin and hardener in order to achieve the desired results. Not all resin manufacturers use the 1:1 ratio, unfortunately.

Our floor technicians provide you with a simple yet efficient solution here, take the large container and just divide all ingredients individually in 50% if you need it in 2 smaller units, 33% for 3 smaller units and 25% for 4 smaller units, it’s that simple.

Keep in mind that it should look exactly the same as it looks in the larger unit before applying. Make sure that it’s a smooth and well-blended mix! Every mixed resin product lasts only 30 minutes, regardless of the size of the unit.

Let’s summarize what we have learned today about decanting resin and utilizing spare units:

  • Assure yourself that the product hasn’t expired
  • Mix them only if they consist of the same generic types (i.e. epoxy with epoxy and polyurethane to polyurethane)
  • Container must be as large as the smaller units combined are
  • Mix to the desired consistency
  • Make sure to use it within the duration stated

We are happy to provide you with the knowledge necessary for avoiding inconvenience situations. As they say, better safe than sorry. The Flooring Group would like to add that it doesn’t hurt to always carry a little extra with you, just in case.

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