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All Eyes On Apprenticeship

A challenge in front of the flooring industry is how to find a way to attract youngsters. London flooring experts share that there are only few school-leavers that end up in this business – most young people want to do something ‘trendy’ with their careers. They focus on media, art, technology, marketing, etc. Unfortunately, only a small number of youngsters choose the flooring field for their professional development.

  • London flooring contractors say that most young floorlayers either have members of their families in the industry or got into it by accident. It’s an interesting phenomenon (similar to the one in other sectors like food and drink manufacturing) as opportunities and salaries are very appealing yet young people don`t find these industries attractive.
  • School-leavers are not fond of the idea to have a job that involves engineering, automation or mechanics. London flooring experts point out that there are not enough young floorlayers to replace the ones that will be retiring in the following 20 years. Another issue is that after April 2017 funding will be reduced for existing apprenticeship frameworks.
  • It is expected that the apprenticeship standards will increase as a result of two new apprenticeships in plastering and bricklaying. An interesting fact that flooring specialists in London shared is that about 2/3 of them believe that the level of quality of apprenticeships has dropped off in the past 20-30 years.

No matter what’s coming next in the flooring industry, everyone involved, especially employers who should shape the new high-quality apprenticeship standards, must keep an eye on the ball with respect to training and apprentices. Paying the necessary attention and spending time improving will result in better workforce so the flooring sector can flourish!

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