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Almost 13 Million Of UK Homeowners Fear Hiring A Tradesman

London flooring contractors shared that a recent survey showed some interesting results – a significant number of homeowners fear hiring a tradesman to perform a home improvement project for them. About 13 million UK individuals point out that they are not positive that a trade professional will carry out the work in an efficient way.

  • Almost 90% say that their main concern is finding a reliable London flooring professional. About 60% of the homeowners said that they fear the most finding a person which they can fully entrust their project so he can carry it out properly.
  • London flooring experts also said that the survey showed interesting results in terms of results achieved – over 50% of the homeowners reckon that the finished project will not meet their expectations. Another 20% shared that they fear the job not being completed on time.
  • When speaking about the region with the least confident homeowners, London flooring contractors told us that according to the survey only 5% of the Londoners are comfortable with the idea of relying on tradesmen. In Brighton, the biggest worry was that they will get ripped off – almost 75% said that they feared of getting an overpriced service. The national average statistic for this factor is a little more than 50%.
  • When it came down to trusting a professional tradesman, London flooring specialists shared that 45% of the homeowners in Cardiff do not trust tradesmen followed by 44% in Liverpool and 40% in Manchester. The national average for this factor is 33%.
  • What about the age of the homeowners surveyed? London flooring experts said that the percentage of people age 55 and over chow concerns about hiring professionals is 68%. When compared to homeowners under 35, the divide confidence levels showed a percentage decreased with over twenty percent – 45% of the younger ones expressed that they fear hiring tradesmen.

These days people need proper verification to truly entrust a trade professional. A London flooring company said that the best way to decrease these statistic numbers is to provide a transparent marketplace and a secure payment service which will make homeowners feel more confident about getting their project done with a professional!

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