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Amtico Flooring Solutions

Recently there has been a rise of wooden flooring, patterned tiles and marble features and many people are looking for this chic aesthetic. The interior design trends are found in glossy magazines and online. But getting the marble floor in the bathroom or the stone floor in the kitchen could cost a lot of money. Stone floors are notorious for feeling cold underfoot and needing time to heat up. On the other hand, wooden floors need constant maintenance in terms of wax, polish or oil. Here is where Amtico can be the perfect solution for getting the dream floor without that expense or upkeep.

Amtico Flooring

Amtico flooring is a high-end and luxury vinyl flooring solution that mimics the visual effects of tile, wood and stone without all the downsides. The floorings are available in a large variety of styles, patterns and shades. Amtico provides the freedom to effortlessly individualize every home and suit every taste. Amtico floorings can be fitted on a wide variety of underfloors and can also be installed over an already existing underfloor heating system.

The Benefits

Amtico is made from resin, compressed under high pressure during the manufacturing process, making it very durable and robust. Amtico flooring is often considered of better quality than other vinyl tiles on the market. Amtico flooring also comes with a guarantee, so customers can enjoy it hassle-free for years to come. Unlike all wood floors, Amtico can be installed in bathrooms and will not subdue to moisture or humidity. Amtico vinyl need only a sweep wipe down with a cloth which saves up time and money.

Amtico at The Floor Group

The Flooring Group have been selected to become one of the UK retailers who offer Amtico flooring solutions. To find out more about Amtico flooring products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.