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Amtico Spacia 36+ Commercial Safety Flooring

This safety LVT combines slip resistant particles and anti-microbial technology with modern design. The product comes in the form of planks and tiles, that can satisfy every need and taste. Amtico delivers the same standards with Spacia 36+, adding the performance of a slip resistant sheet. The flooring solution is extremely easy to maintain with even lower levels of cleaning needed when compared to traditional sheet products.

The Spacia 36+ is designed to resist high traffic, scratches, and dents from heels or heavy furniture and is extremely pet-friendly. All products in the range have a remarkable 0.55mm wear layer and a 10-year guarantee. Amtico prides itself with its recycle production, meaning that the manufacturer produces with low emulsions and recyclable sources.

Made for any commercial space where safety is paramount, Spacia 36+ LVT is made up of slip-resistant particles and antimicrobial technology, for long-lasting performance.

A safety lifetime

Amtico’s unique manufacturing process distributes slip resistant particles throughout the Spacia 36+ wear layers. Customers are ensured to have a consistent performance over the floor’s entire life with no compromise on the aesthetic.

Full protection

Spacia 36+ LVT contains an active ingredient proven, under blind and independent lab tests, to resist the growth of bacteria including MRSA or E.coli.

Improvement of design

These realistically looking and exquisite plank and tile designs, manufactured in the UK, are perfect for withstanding heavy traffic areas.

Spacia 36+ provides improved hygiene protection in commercial spaces, boasts anti-bacterial performance while simultaneously prevents staining and odours.

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