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An Upcoming Standard For Bamboo?

In this article, we will discuss the new bamboo flooring products in the market. London flooring experts warn that you should be aware of anything that comes with a very cheap price – many specialists are concerned about the new European standards and regulations timber and wood-based products as it won`t be implemented as soon as expected. Being aware of the draft and revised form of the standards help London flooring professionals to stay abreast of changes in the regulations. This July, the respective committee was notified that a new standard is coming. This upcoming standard was in respect to the growing use of bamboo in all walks of life, more particularly, in construction. It is called ‘Grading and Classification of Bamboo’.

  • You all have come across bamboo in one way or another (especially, if you like eating in Chinese restaurants using chopsticks!). However, flooring contractors in London point out one very interesting way of using this material – bamboo is impregnated with a polymer-based resin. When being compressed, this makes it very durable and tough as it is densified in the process. Such product is used as a decorative cladding which is impact-resistant but we will discuss another use of this resin-impregnated bamboo – for London flooring.
  • The bamboo wood flooring versions can look quite exquisite and eye-appealing. How is that achieved? Manufacturers utilise as a decorative feature the ‘node points’ which occur naturally in the stems of bamboo. The darkening effect of the impregnation of the resin can also make the London flooring solution appear more like ‘classy’ hardwood.
  • Unfortunately, there is something that should be mentioned so people are aware of it. The fact that bamboo-based flooring and building products are gaining popularity means that they will attract more distributors and manufacturers into the London flooring market. Such popularity translates into fueling demand – the risk of cheapening the product and Chinese manufacturers taking over the market is rising. Of course, we should say that not everything made in China is ‘cheap and nasty’ but as some London flooring specialists shared their concerns, we better take their professional opinion into account.
  • The resin-impregnated variety will allow so many different ways of cheapening the product because it is being a factory-made material rather than entirely made from ‘natural’ bamboo. This new standard on selection and grading of bamboo is definitely the right approach to overcoming such problems. However, there is a lot of time to pass before being implemented.

What should you do in the meantime? Try out newer bamboo flooring solutions instead of relying on laminates but don’t go for the cheapest stuff. You know that quality London flooring does not necessarily come with a steep price but very cheap rates are always suspicious!

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