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An Update On Flooring Overlay Plywood

As things are changing very fast, the market now provides a great availability and greater choice of the ‘right’ plywood. London flooring experts again caution against products that seem to be too cheap. Such goods usually are manufactured in China – cheapness is guaranteed as well as the quality assurance. However, it doesn’t always happen as the manufacturers claim. When we last discussed the plywood issues, our London flooring professionals mentioned that there are problems when plywood is used for overlayment. Until recently, there was only one well-known by London flooring specialists plywood which met the CFA’s specification for flooring overlay plywood. Now, we are glad to say there more solutions to this issue.

  • London flooring contractors point out that not one but two quality overlayment plywoods came in October last year. They are both made in Indonesia and they will probably appear on the merchants’ shelves soon. Each of them is said to meet (and even exceed!) CFA’s specification. Every London flooring professional will say that these are very good news for the business!
  • Of course, we can’t really believe that they will be cheap (or as cheap as the ones from China are) but if they prove to be reliable and long-standing, a higher rate is not a concern. The quality is far more important than the cheapness. London flooring experts recommend users to seek a third-party certification for standards met. This will give an extra level of ‘security’ in terms of quality assurance.

London flooring specialists warn that you should be aware when checking the tests held by the third party. Sometimes plywood is marked to have a quality certification and still falls apart because of bad glueing. Look out for any of the overlay plywoods that say they meet the CFA’s draft certification and have many future hassle-free jobs executed!

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