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Artificial Grass Collection

If you are looking for an all-year-round natural look, look no further! We present you all season green looks – the new Artificial Grass collection, with a range of six different qualities rumoured to be low maintenance, now available on floorwise. 


The company has advised that for the qualities differ in the pile length and fibre shape, however, all are produced using a UV-stabilised and colourfast three colour fibre.


Trossachs, the top range, comes standard at 40mm pile height grass with two shapes of yarn. C shape helps recovery, while D shape provides a lasting bounce.


Northumbria brings in at 35mm and C shaped yard over a dense and lavish feel underfoot.


Snowdonia comes with 38mm and C shaped yard most suitable for gardens, balconies, patios and other landscaping projects.


Brecon, sensationally soft, comes in at 30mm and combines durability and indulgence, providing the perfect luxury feel under your foot throughout the year


The Exmoor comes standard at 25mm, has a denser than average and double strengthened C shaped threads.


Peaks, the entry level, is with 20mm grass height and is claimed to offer great multi-surface for homes, play areas and pub gardens


The Artificial Grass collection is available in 2 or 4-meter widths and all additional installation accessories including weed barrier, joining tape and Aqua bond adhesive. The Artificial Grass collection has been tested in accordance with EN117 and comes with a guarantee ranging between 7 to 10 years.


As the market is blossoming, floorwise have already stocked up distributors across the UK and Ireland.