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Ask The Right Questions And You Will Avoid Costly Mistakes!

London flooring contractors are frequently asked for advice on choosing the right products for refurbishment projects. A common reason behind taking up a refurbishment project is that the first time unsuitable products were installed. This often happens because customer can`t make reasonable decision when being under pressure and trying to deliver a project within an unrealistic budget. Flooring specialists in London point out that cutting corners when selecting your products will lead to hassle in the future – the phrase “you get what you pay for” proves to be valid. London flooring professionals share a guide on giving advice to get refurbishment right.

  • If your London flooring was being replaced sooner than you expected, you should find out the reason behind it. Find what actually caused the damage of the existing floor and if the customer put the flooring to tougher conditions than it was designed for, you should recommend a heavy-duty London flooring provided with extra resistance and resilience to physical and mechanical damage. Choosing product with a warranty means that the high-quality performance of the London flooring is guaranteed for the next years. Customers can also take additional measures to reduce the potential future damages. Replacing the ferrules on the legs of metal furnishing is recommended.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are important aspects when choosing your flooring. How was your previous London flooring cared for? For example, the explanation behind dirty swirls on the flooring is usually cleaning detergent that has not been rinsed away properly. Cleaning routines are really important for the overall performance of the floor. London flooring experts point out that failure to follow approved cleaning regimes tends to be a big problem. They recommend easy-clean London flooring with PUR advanced technology. However, “easy clean” doesn’t mean that no cleaning is required.
  • If the case is replacing a London flooring because it has lost its slip resistance property, you should be careful what London flooring solution you would choose next. Safety flooring that is slip-resistant only superficially is a big issue in the flooring industry – the top layer wears in few years and loses its properties. Manufacturers provide information about the level of slip-resistance of their floor coverings using a pendulum test value or an R number. The latter stands for indicating the performance of the floor covering in a ramp test. The pendulum test has nothing in common with the ramp test – it measures the friction between the floorcovering and the heel of your shoe. London flooring experts explain that this test is done by controllable swinging a rubber slider over a certain length of the floor – a pendulum test value knows as PTV is measured. For instance, PTV that is over 36 has odds of slipping of about one in a million.

London flooring specialists recommend always asking the flooring manufacturer to provide information about the results of the London flooring performance in order to avoid expensive mistakes in the future.

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