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Atkinson and Kirby – Urban Hermitage

We at The Flooring Group love to feature the work of our skilled contractors and our own. We get inspired by some of your ideas online, we think it is a good and creative cycle, so we keep sharing our work with you. Our trusty suppliers from Atkinson & Kirby helped us achieve some spectacular results on the new project we have undertaken – Urban Hermitage.

It is a small studio flat, as you can see from the pictures. With this project we aim to achieve the solitude and tranquility of a “remote monastery in Belgium” to fit the lifestyle of an artist. The flat is actually not in Belgium but instead in the heart of Clapham on the first floor of a semi-detached Victorian house. The project was designed by Spheron Architects and performed by Ashville Inc., the floors were specifically chosen to compliment the interior and provide more depth in the overall look of the flat.

In our opinion our colleagues have performed a spectacular job there, achieving the maximum space there can be achieved in a 26sqm room, even without the minimalist furniture which was later installed.

The Flooring Group are proud to be working along with professionals of such caliber and together make the visions of our customers come to life. Seeing them satisfied is what keeps our company going!