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Avoid Sticky Situations

Glue is of utmost importance in the flooring sector – no matter if bonding different veneer layers or floorcoverings on overlays, a good glue-bond must be achieved. London flooring professionals will give you useful information about the cases in which using glue may cause some hassle. All you have to do is know the right facts at first place.

  • Let’s begin with plywood. London flooring experts say that plywood can delaminate when the glue is not appropriately moisture-resistant or when it was badly glued in the beginning. A common issue is the peeling away of the top layer – when London flooring professionals try to pull off an incorrectly stuck down vinyl floorcovering, this is what usually happens. This scenario will never happen to a properly-manufactured plywood. The reason behind it is the low-quality gluing at the factory.
  • London flooring experts recommend avoiding a water-based adhesive when possible as even if the glue-bond is well-made the excessive water from the adhesive may result in edge-swelling of the plywood sheets therefore leading to “telegraphing” of the rectangular sheet pattern onto the polished vinyl surface. This is why flooring contractors in London advise to use solvent-based adhesives are preferable so no extra water is added to the plywood veneers.
  • Another way to use the glue is when laying the floors – London flooring professionals use it when timber boards, laminates or strips have to be bonded directly onto the subfloor. It is often a concrete screed or something similar. Again flooring experts London point out that water-based adhesives should be avoided when wooden boards have to be bonded with other type of wood-based flooring component as this can result in expansion of the boards.

The final step is to check the substrate in order to make sure it is not crumbling or breaking up. A reputable London flooring company says that it doesn’t matter if it is the finest glue in the world if the substrate starts falling apart it won’t stick. What’s the best way to “bond” with your clients? Get your glue choice sorted out!

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