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Be Aware Of The Mockery Safety Flooring On The Market!

London flooring contractors warn that there has been an influx of flooring products entering the market that do not conform to the sustainable safety-flooring performance requirements but still they are regarded as fully-safe floors. Example that flooring experts in London give is that recently some manufacturer claimed the flooring solution their company offers is safe and superior slip-resistant. However, when investigating the floor samples, it was clear that this product would not be a sustainable flooring solution if exposed to wet conditions over a long period of time. There are aspects by which London flooring experts can certainly tell that a product is not a safety flooring solution and this one definitely was one of them.

  • First of all, when the product was presented as safety flooring but after closer look a signposting caveat was written in the back in fine print by the flooring manufacturer – it was implying that this product cannot perform to the required level for safety. The words conveying this were a note to refer to another services in order to have a lifetime sustainable wet resistance. The further examination led London flooring specialists to the conclusion that no special particles are added in the performance layer so this coating will wear in time. It appeared that the level of slip resistance which this manufacturer offered was only transient.
  • Because of the fact that there are no particles inside the wear layer, London flooring contractors point out that this flooring solution can’t meet certain requirements concerning the sustainable slip resistance. For that reason, this product should be used only in areas that are dry and not exposed to spillages as it is a smooth heterogeneous floor and definitely not a safety flooring as it was labeled.
  • When there are any complaints, a London flooring company says that flooring inspectors investigate the cases with a Pendulum Test Machine, so no mock safety floors are installed into wet areas, presenting potential risks of accidents caused by slipping. Another common practice for unreliable flooring manufacturers that want to evade the safety flooring requirements is to use confusing terminology in marketing literature. Flooring specialists in London are concerned because of this as such products are flooding the market and misleading customers. The most reliable London flooring companies are undertaking communication campaigns so it is clear which are the main aspects of safety high-quality London flooring and which are the correct technical claims.
  • It is absolutely necessary to have competition so the flooring market can evolve. However, the introduction of imitation safety floors makes the situation complex and adds potential risks that may lead to the London flooring solutions ultimate fail. Products that have earned their status and are certified to be sustainable safety flooring, won’t be put under any suspicion as all London high-quality flooring have safety standards and have completed with full adherence the slip-resistant tests. Still, some flooring materials lose their properties over the years. London flooring experts say that some flooring solutions, if not maintained correctly, may lead to the same effect.

All of the respected London flooring contractors have a duty to supply the suitable type of flooring where wet slip-resistance is required which will ensure that visitors, residents and employees will be provided with London commercial flooring with the needed underfoot protection. All of the safety requirements should be taken into consideration before installing a London flooring solution.

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