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Beat The Heat – Technology To The Rescue!

There are special adhesives that can be used in areas that are subject to high temperatures. These high-temperature adhesives are applied where there are remarkable temperature fluctuations – they greatly facilitate the work of London flooring contractors and allow them to work in different environments. You probably know that every floorcovering type has different demands and therefore needs different flooring adhesive. A long-established London flooring company explains that the range of floorcoverings continues to expand, therefore, there is a demand for adhesives that should secure them properly. This leads to manufacturers to constantly develop a richer variety of professional adhesives so each floorcovering and environment are provided with a suitable one.

  • London flooring specialists explain that when choosing an adhesive for areas subject to extreme temperature variations and high temperatures, the specificity is of utmost importance. For instance, imagine an office building with south-facing large windows – they will expose the London flooring to direct sunlight during the day. However, during the night the temperatures will drop drastically – the floor will be subject to ambient temperatures. A traditional flooring adhesive is not suitable for this demanding environment – this will lead to dimensional instability which will result in resilient floorcoverings to expand and move. This will lead to creating gaps and ruin the long-term performance as well as the aesthetics of the London flooring. The repair process, of course, will require some additional expenses.
  • To ensure the maximum protection of the floorcovering, London flooring contractors use specially-designed adhesives that are high-resistant to both extreme temperature fluctuations and high temperatures. Beside from that, the adhesive must have a high bond strength in order to reduce the risk of movement when the temperatures get high. London flooring experts are happy to say that thanks to the great advances in technology, there are very quality high-temperature grade vinyl adhesives that provide heat resistant properties, high bond strength and incredible initial grab. They are the perfect solution for places such as conservatories.
  • Another benefit for London flooring contractors is that this professional vinyl adhesive offers fast drying time and high initial tack which means that they can make the floor functional in a short time. This is a benefit not only for them but for the clients, too. This is especially important, especially in commercial areas where the disruption of the working hours can be costly for the business owner.
  • London flooring specialists also share that the most advanced formulations will be appropriate for use in clinical areas such as pharmacies and hospitals because they will be protected against bio-degradation. When installing a new London flooring, the type of adhesive should always be carefully considered – some areas require a specific application and a general purpose adhesive will simply not do the job efficiently.

To conclude, London flooring professionals say that the high-temperature adhesives will ensure the long-term performance as well as the aesthetic appeal of flooring installations. Their ability to withstand direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes will save the need for any future costly remedial work!

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