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Beat The Opposition With The Right Flooring

Even though online shopping is not a recent phenomenon, British shoppers still prefer to spend about 80% of their money in stores. However, the number is decreasing. What does that mean? Retailers should more than ever invest in high-quality London flooring so they can answer the environment and customers demands. The floor covering has to be appealing and intriguing to the potential buyers encouraging them to dwell and buy. Retailers must act smart and provide their stores with designs which will attract customers and make them want to come back instead of shopping online. In this article, you will find some advice which London flooring professionals shared.

  • Creating the illusion of space within a store is of crucial importance especially if in reality the space is small and usually seems crowded. London flooring experts point out that the choice of neutral, lighter hues will open up the space and provide an airy feel. Another thing that is recommended is the installation of London flooring with high Light Reflectance Value (LTV). It will allow the light to reflect off the floor and liven up the space. If the store is provided with complementing designs of fixtures and fittings as well as colourful branding, neutral colours for flooring are also the best alternative.
  • Flooring contractors in London say that stone, wooden and ceramic floors bring a natural beauty and a unique atmosphere but they are not always the best solution. If retailers want to achieve a “real” look, they are advised to rely on vinyl flooring – not only it will provide the authentic visuals but the price is very reasonable and the maintenance is much easier.
  • Another option for retailers is to go for zoning – this design tool is very beneficial for creating an efficient store flow. They can achieve that by choosing different colours or even different floorcoverings and distinguish the areas. For instance, some manufacturers have created their portfolios where LVTs and carpet tiles are the same depth so they can be installed together if required. Mixing and matching different modular tile and plank formats can also be advantageous in such cases.
  • Along with that, London flooring specialists also point out that the space should be healthy and safe for both customers and staff. Therefore, floors should be also carefully considered for areas such as changing rooms. They should not provide a suitable environment for bacteria to accumulate and should not harbour allergens. A smart option is to use an antimicrobial treatment which will provide the sufficient protection against germs.

Customers want a shopping experience which does not only include the things they can buy. Providing them with a pleasant environment in which they feel comfortable and relaxed is also important. Retailers should also partner with reliable London flooring companies which will not only offer a great range of products to answer their needs. If the flooring can provide both a good first impression and navigating customers through the store, retailers can rest assured they have made the right choice!

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