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Become a CFA Member!

The Contracting Flooring Association (CFA) has been established to represent flooring contractors. However, beside them the association also represents other flooring companies in the supply chain – this includes consultants, distributors and manufacturers. Everyone in the industry can benefit from being a member in the association. In this article, London flooring specialists will pay special attention to manufacturer members – they make up almost 15% of the total members.

  • What is the key role of manufacturers? They develop new innovations that save time and are contribute to an environmentally-friendly way of manufacturing. Meetings are held by the manufacturers` committee and each time about 30 members attend them. Such occasions are a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with other experienced individuals so they can keep up with the trends of the industry. London flooring experts explain that wide range of issues are discussed during each meeting and work together for the good of the flooring sector.
  • An essential part of the process of improving the industry is influencing new standards. The most important aspects concern safety, health and sustainability. The members of CFA are the people that should be listened before deciding to amend the operation of legislation in a certain way. CFA represents and coordinates the position of the flooring industry.
  • London flooring professionals say that in many ways the CFA acts as a guardian (or at least tries to) of the flooring industry and provides protection and guidance for its members. Let us explain what we mean by “guidance” – the association maintains the highest standards in the flooring industry. The CFA wants to deliver the best practice and provide written manufacturers` recommendations that cover many topics.

London flooring experts point out that the flooring industry’s bible is the Guide to Contract Flooring products by the CFA. It is a combination of manufacturers recommendations and the British Standard. Manufacturers play a significant role in pushing up the standards in the flooring business and enhancing the reputation of the industry as a whole. Become a member and take advantage of the endless benefits available within the CFA range of membership.

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