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Benefits Of Acoustic Flooring

The use of acoustic flooring is considered to be reserved for special zones only like hospitals and theatres. But that is not the case nowadays. As this type of flooring has a similar installation to ordinary vinyl, it can significantly improve the performance of the premise, as well as the wellbeing of every occupant. Here down The Flooring Group has listed some of the main benefits of acoustic flooring.

  • Wood comfort without a clatter. The soft shaded warm feeling of wood and woodlikes have been a trend for decades. No matter the flooring type, the established cosiness of it enhances the homely atmosphere without a doubt. The traffic of foot and other rolling activities on the floor can be causing a lot of problems in an open-plan interior. Soundproof is vital for both small and big rooms and homes. When it comes to modern interior design, more often it features materials with little and non-existing sound absorbing capability. This is when the acoustic floor can provide the perfect alternative. There are wood floor suppliers that can also offer non-slipper and perfectly safe options with an adequate guarantee.
  • Building up to standard. The acoustic performance of a newly built property is governed by Building Regulations which are extremely strict. The acoustic flooring can provide significant help into meeting the requirements and leave less to be absorbed by the walls and ceilings.
  • The ever present noisy neighbours. Everyone has faced that uncomfortable situation. The transmission of noise around a big block of fats has been a problem that now found its solution. Not only acoustic floorings are produced for all kinds of rooms, but for communal areas as well.
  • Stimulating concentration. For educational purposes, quietness has always aided the concentration. Moreover, about 85% of children with hearing impairment are now educated in the mainstream schools, following the inclusive education. The effective choice of flooring will provide valuable opportunities for those kids all over the schools.

For the latest trends and brands, The Flooring Group will provide the ideal range of acoustic flooring.