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Bespoke Designs Are Gaining Popularity

It’s not necessarily an unnerving experience when London flooring contractors provide clients with bespoke floorcovering. Thanks to the new available London flooring solutions, customer`s logo and design can be easily printed onto the surface and even complex patterns do not present any hassle which makes the possible designs endless.

  • London flooring professionals point out that for entrance areas it is recommended that a long-lasting impression is created – if you have text or a logo printed it will definitely be noticed. There are different building and some of them require London flooring solution that combines the comfort and warmth of a textile covering with the durable characteristics of resilient flooring. Luckily, there are some high-quality London flooring solutions onto which bespoke designs can be printed.
  • Yet, when a durable and practical floorcovering is required, London flooring contractors will be able to print their customer`s logo onto a digital print vinyl floor covering or to have a complex motif cut into Marmoleum. In fact one company ordered a unique design printed onto a vinyl floorcovering – they wanted to blend the new contemporary décor with the heritage of the site. The result was a state-of-the-art bespoke design that turned out to be perfect. The London flooring was provided with durability while providing premium visual appeal as it was manufactured from commercial grade vinyl.

Bespoke designs are rising their popularity – London flooring contractors share that various sectors rely on them as the flooring market can meet such demands. The important thing for the contractors is to liaise with reliable manufacturers and discover the options and unique designs that are to be created.

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