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Better Healthcare Flooring Solutions? You Have Them!

You already know that flooring for healthcare must meet a lot of requirements and demands. The list is long and includes cost-effective maintenance, lower environmental impact, safety control and last but not least lasting good looks. Healthcare design must also be created to answer the needs of healthcare installations from care homes to hospitals. London flooring contractors say that they feel it is their responsibility to design a better environment that is safe for patients, visitors and staff. Flooring solutions that are aimed to serve in a healthcare environment must comply with international safety standards. London flooring experts say that special attention should be paid to infection control – it is an issue of great importance as it was reported that 1 in 16 people who has been treated by the National Health Service picks up an infection.

  • Flooring specialists in London explain that if bacteria are present on the ground, the most important aspect when choosing the building materials is to pick ones that don’t cause bacteria to proliferate. Flooring solutions that meet ultra-clean requirements contribute to this and prevent the transmission of microorganisms.
  • There is a French standard (NF S90-351) that is the reference standard that describes the requirements for exercising efficient control of airborne contamination in controlled environment areas in healthcare buildings. Four risk class reference standards are proposed – they are determined by the type of activity. 4 means very high risk. ISO standard 14644-1 defines the expected level of performance that should be met. For very high risk areas it is ISO 4 and ISO 5. Other values such as bacteriological cleanliness are also defined – this is a necessary benchmark for specifiers.
  • London flooring professionals also state that pioneering surface treatments that use advanced technology take hygiene and protection control to another level. An integrated approach to contamination control is provided by including new seamless solutions that are superior infection resistant (wallcovering, flooring, corner systems and handrails).
  • There are products that meet and exceed ISO 4 and ISO 5 – London flooring specialists say that they are developed for operating theatres and hospitalisation units. When these products were tested they show that there is no proliferation of the most common hospital bacteria in about 99% of cases.
  • Another thing that is of great importance in healthcare is the cleanability of London flooring. The quality of residual contamination that is present on the surface is determined after set maintenance procedures – this is the way cleanability is assessed. An esteemed flooring company in London points out that the products that retain the appearance with less maintenance and best practice cleaning procedures prove to be most cost-effective and also step up environmentally. For instance, some flooring solutions with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatments allow stains which are commonly found in hospitals to be hygienically and safely removed with a minimum use of detergent and water. Scuff resistant surface treatments also have a positive environmental impact as they require no waxing or polishing.

To conclude, we should say that healthcare flooring solutions are in the move towards being “greener”. Not only they have to be functional and durable but they also are more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Thanks to the contemporary designs and colour choices, flooring in healthcare is good looking and creates harmonious atmospheres that aid recovery and wellbeing.

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