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Bolon’s 70th Anniversary With Its Latest Collection Celebrating Diversity

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the flooring brand Bolon. The brand is partnering with diverse talent and prioritizes innovative machinery to stand the test of time. The 2019 Collection is called Diversity and is a celebration of variation, participation, and inspiration by the vision of seven decades of the challenges of being different. The bold personality that drives the company can be found in their styling of the flooring with playful and almost random objects such as giant lips, shiny orbs, even a coffee mug.


The collection features 12 colourways in three different patterns called Bling, Buzz, and Bouquet. They are all complimentary when combined with each other. Each pattern is designed to work as a subtle neutral while being distinctive enough to bring the floor spaces to life.


Bling’s twisted design and chain link pattern is large in scale and frankly bold in execution. The floral motif of Bouquet is inspired by a watercolour painting and features a mélange of shades and glass threads. Lastly, Buzz is softer and a bit more modest with a touch of shimmer, targeting to cover large areas. The designs are available in four base colours – grey, brown, beige and black allowing for more diversity in use.  


Sticking to Bolon’s roots, an impressive 33% of the material for the new collection is recycled. Nils-Erik Eklund, the founder of Bolon had the idea to produce rag rugs from textile waste. His granddaughters Annica and Marie Eklund continue to lead the company with forward-thinking ideas. The factory in Ulricehamn has always been at the core. This is where the Bolon company makes its own yarn, and where they can cut and grind waste material to be reused at their environmental work station. They can act on an opportunity or a trend straight away and catch it before it is gone. Sustainability has been the motivation behind Bolon’s product development.