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Commercial Flooring News

Bona’s Passion for Wooden Floors

Bona was established in 1919 and is currently a world-leading innovator that has a unique system for wooden floor treatment. The company has a local presence in over 50 different countries enabling them to be close to their customers and craftsmen. Bona has a long commitment and passion for wooden floors and they offer lasting and sustainable for every homeowner.

Bona’s many advantages include: being simple and convenient, great build and time-saving. The well-established DNA has already proven successful with customers mainly due to the exquisite waterborne finishes. The new Bona Mega ONE now delivers even more fantastic benefits for contractors and floor owners that have chosen durable everyday floor protection.

Bona Mega ONE is a product with no mixing and no primer required. With this launch, Bona continues to innovate the flooring industry while redefining the rules for wood floor finishes. With no mixing, no waiting and no primer required, Bona Mega ONE gives speed, simplicity and a fantastic result. Simple and convenient – the product has a primer and top coat in one. This innovative property allows customers to simply pour directly onto the surface. Drying is as little as 1 hour, saving time and money.

In comparison tests with Bona Mega ONE and other 6 of the leading 1-component waterborne finishes, the Bona Mega ONE exceeds the industry average in 7 out of the 8 test criteria. This new product is perfect for heavy domestic and light commercial areas that beg for fast application and low downtime, or for light wood surfaces or creative effects.

Everyone can always do more, thanks to Bona White and Bona Mega ONE, that enable the achievement of beautiful light floors which enhance light wood species. Bona Mega is the ultimate choice for the specific demands of different wood floor surfaces.