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Bring The Peace At Home

Typically, what homeowners crave most is a softness and serenity in their living premises. Well, maybe unless you are in a rock band but probably at some point you will want a bit of peace and quiet. London flooring specialists point out that what is important is to choose the right underlay and high-performing acoustic floor, be it luxury vinyl tile, well-engineered wood or ceramic tile flooring. A stable sound reducing platform should be provided in any room as otherwise, neighbours` noise will not be eliminated efficiently.

  • An esteemed London flooring company shares that the demand for quiet between floors is rising. When residents complain about noise, landlords and facility managers usually pay the steep price of taking action after a new London flooring was being installed just because the right measures and London flooring solution weren’t considered well beforehand. Unnecessary expenses are on the way for sure.
  • A lot of aspects should be taken into account when both refurbishments and new build should be provided with the right floor acoustically for the ongoing project. You know that when it comes to ears hearing a foreign noise, people are very intolerant and there is a reason why. However, what is the solution to this issue? First, let`s see what London flooring experts explain about the types of noise. Airborne noise travels through ceiling assemblies, floors and walls while the structure-borne one travels through the building itself. Airborne noise is also caused by music, speech and TVs while structure-borne noise is produced by impact sounds from fallen objects, walking or the moving of furniture and chairs. In other words, if the correct London flooring solution is not chosen, noise can get everywhere.
  • London flooring professionals say that there are some acoustic flooring and underlays now available that aim to enhance sound performance in the London flooring for which it is retailed. For instance, laminate flooring needs fibre acoustic underlayment designed especially for it. It provides a great sound absorption and it also makes laminate flooring London sound more like real wood. Besides from the benefits when speaking of performance, there are other benefits to consider. London flooring specialists say that there are some acoustic underlays made from recycled materials – this is a very environmentally-conscious way of minimising the effect of emitting gases not only while the floor is being installed but also shortly after the installation.
  • Firm underlayment provides adequate support to prevent untimely wear and tear – London flooring experts point out that this increases dramatically the longevity and durability of the installation. Some products provide antimicrobials and add insulation of the London flooring. Flooring with moisture management and acoustic fibre underlay reduces the possibility of the appearance of incidental moisture and mould growth which will damage the surface.
  • There are countless eco-friendly acoustic London flooring and underlays which are manufactured with no VOCs or are certified to meet high standards. They are made from recycled fibres intended to preserve the environment.

It is a win-win situation – acoustic London flooring and underlayment are kind on our ears yet by relying on them, we care for the planet!

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