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Commercial Flooring News

Carpet planks may be the next big trend

The plain old carpet in all its patterns and colours has become a little obsolete for the modern taste. And with the invention of more ecologically and budget-friendly options will soon be used only in museums, opera houses and similar public facilities.

But back in the 1970s, it was a totally different story. Carpets were everywhere – even in the bathrooms. Some preferred a thick shag pile, while others a chic but practical layer of carpet tiles. People just couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Nowadays these trends are no longer in use and carpets will soon be forgotten. Or maybe not!?

Carpet manufacturers are reporting a big rise in demand for the 100 x 25cm carpet planks recently. And while the trend is commonly for commercial projects at the moment, they can be no reason to doubt that planks could soon be seen in private homes as well. The planked look is in huge demand from specifiers and designers alike. The planks open up huge design opportunities and they can be used alongside tiles, sheet or other flooring types. The overall effect is stunning and creates contemporary and vibrant interiors.

There are a few more benefits about planks – the wide choice of colours, for example. Also they are better at insulating heat and sound, and far less slippery underfoot, than the wood alternative. The interior design can be far more picturesque and personal than before, and of course far more fun. The installation process is simple and easy allowing for more innovative ways of plank placement.

The Flooring Group partners with the top suppliers of tile planks. Their products are eco-friendly and are extremely durable and colourfast. We have a wide range of patterns and only high quality products to meet even the most exquisite taste.