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Carpet Tiles Are Back In The Design Trends

If we look 20 years back in the flooring design trends, carpet tile looks were basic and far from interesting. People weren’t really sure how to work with carpet tiles and were struggling until the last few years that brought new heights in the overall design. Manufacturers made this possible by a lot of researches, development and expert knowledge of the matter – carpet tiles have reached a new level of sophistication. Flooring contractors in London now have more information and choice due to the material sourcing, innovative construction, performance and design concept which makes taking well-informed decisions on the products they are purchasing easier. London flooring experts point out that working with carpet tiles has grown significantly in popularity as it forms an integral part of the modularity movement that grown as a trend in many sectors. The wide range of benefits they offer should not be neglected.

  • Carpet tiles provide simple installation, easy transportation, flexibility of design and less wastage. Another benefit that London flooring professionals respect is that modular flooring works with pretty much every application, cooperates well with other materials and satisfy special performance requirements. This makes them a respectable flooring solution.
  • For London flooring contractors it is really important to select carefully interior finishes for their function, safety and durability. On the other hand, aesthetics take part in the process as on their account is how people perceive and interact with the particular environment.
  • Many London flooring companies seek to provide space that encourages wellness, health and motivation for their workers combined with a relaxing ambiance. This is where the collaboration with nature is extensive across new flooring solutions, bringing in natural tones, which can add warm touch to any place. In this way the use of natural light is maximised.
  • Following the trend, carpet tile colours and patterns are becoming softer, combined natural hues and at the same time they are responding to the commercial flooring demand in London for neutral warmer colours in workplaces.
  • Speaking of creating the appropriate environment for occupants, there has been a significant change from manufacturers to conceive London flooring solutions that both respond to ergonomic changes and evolve within the particular architectural space.
  • London flooring professionals point out that a softer approach to carpet tile colours and patterns can be noticed. The inspiration behind it is due to the sustainable architecture and at the same time maintaining a warm relationship to the nature. At this point flooring manufacturers partnering with an overall product portfolio can support the design approach of the flooring project.

Design trends are constantly evolving and London flooring contractors should be up to date in order to provide their customers with the best flooring choice. Being a London flooring professional means offering valued advice on the most appropriate product for the flooring project.

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